1. Shaquille O’Neal on Tiki and Tierney

NBA legend and NBA TV analyst on his career:
“I had to say I was the best, even though I wasn’t the best. But I had to say it, especially when you go up against those guys.”

2. Jerry Rice on Tiki and Tierney

NFL legend on the 49ers offense:
“I don’t think this offense suits Colin Kaepernick.”

3. Charles Davis on The John Feinstein Show

FOX Sports analyst on Ohio State making the playoff: 
“Let’s say Notre Dame got left out of that. Texas. We’re talking Ohio State. Pick a brand-name team. I really believe people would be screaming and yelling about Ohio State.”

4. Brian Jones on Tiki and Tierney

MoJo Show co-host on why Ohio State got in the playoff:
“They have that iconic brand. I’ve been saying for weeks that if they win out, they’re going to get (in) because they have that brand recognition.”

5. Mike Tolbert on The MoJo Show

Carolina Panthers running back on hearing Cam Newton got into accident:
“But I think the team was pretty shaken up by hearing all the rumors that happened on Twitter and things like that.”


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