NFL.com analyst

“Everything else we can review, but you can’t look at those again. Because throughout the game, I thought there were a lot of holds. I thought it was a poorly officiating game overall.”
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CBS Sports NFL analyst

“But what I loved about that game (Sunday) was that he had to step up and make the plays at the end of the ball game. He had to do it, and he did it. And I felt so good for him to finally get that monkey off his back – to silence critics like myself, who have not been sold on the fact that he can get it done in those big moments. I was really happy for him because he has had an incredible career. And now he can put his feather in his cap and move on to this next challenge against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.”
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BEN VOLIN – 1/7/15
Boston Globe Patriots reporter

“I think the Patriots shave to spread them out – four or five receivers, a lot of shotgun and just try to get the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands quickly and attack the Ravens secondary because they’re not going to be able to ground-and-pound this team. The Ravens are very good upfront, so I definitely see a lot of passes, a lot of quick passes, getting Rob Gronkowski and Shane Vereen involved and maybe you hit them with some draw plays out of the shotgun and maybe a little play-action as well.”
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ROB NEYER – 1/7/15
FOX Sports senior baseball writer

“As great a candidate as Mike Piazza is, you’re right, he’s lost some votes because of the steroid discussion, no question. But he also just suffered because there was an incredible glut of candidates, especially these last two years. But he got 70 percent this time around – by quite a bit the highest of anybody who wasn’t elected. Next year, Ken Griffey Jr. comes on the ballot. He’ll be elected obviously with 98 percent or something, but Piazza will almost certainly get bumped up over 75 and he’ll be elected as well.”
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MATT MOORE – 1/8/15
CBS Sports NBA writer

“I think it is on the coach. This team has not bought into what David Blatt has been selling. They have no identity, and they’re going to have to find that as the season goes along. They have to figure out what kind of team they are, what they do well and focus on winning games that way. Because just blowing teams apart with shooting isn’t going to work. No matter how many points Kyrie Irving scores, they’ve got to find an identity for this team – and that, I think, is the biggest challenge over these next four months.”
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New York Giants punter

“I think for me moving forward as a New York Giant, it’s definitely disappointing the season we had. But to see the young players we had come through and really be impact players, it’s a lot to look forward to. Obviously it’s disappointing because you want to win a world championship. But for us, I think Giants fans have a lot to look forward to and a lot to be optimistic about in the future.”
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STEVE WYCHE – 1/9/15
NFL Network analyst

“Unfortunately, we saw (the video). But fortunately we know now this is a serious issue. And I think players and society and everybody else understands now we have a snapshot of how bad this is and our behavior towards it, especially towards the victims, I think is going to be a lot more sensitive.”
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