BRADY QUINN – 1/12/15
FOX Sports football analyst

“He’s able to get outside the pocket and extend plays and take big shots down the field or even run with his legs as well. But right now he’s hampered by that calf, but he still seems to be so effective. That’s why he’s, to me, the best quarterback in the game of football right now.”
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FOX Sports college football analyst

“I don’t know what the kid plans to do, but I think that he and his family may have a decision to make.”
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MATT CHATHAM – 1/14/15
NESN analyst, former Patriot and Jet 

“You really brought in the high-profile guy, a guy who’s going to bring some juice to the situation and a guy that has had some success – although not a ton, but no one does – competing against Bill Belichick in this division. I think there was a lot of levels in which Rex was appealing.”
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TROY RENCK – 1/15/15
Denver Post Broncos reporter

“He made it very clear in the press conference he wants him back. He’s even going to consult him at some point during the coaching search, so at least the early signs are that Manning will come back, but that might not be decided for another month. And they (lost) their defensive coordinator (Wednesday) with Jack Del Rio taking the Raiders job. So just a lot of moving pieces. (But) because it’s John Elway as GM, (the fans) trust him, even though (he’s made some very rash moves).”
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JERRY PALM – 1/15/15
CBS Sports college football columnist

“Plus, everybody starts to see (that they) have a chance to make the playoffs. If you go out and win your league, you’re in. In that sense, it’s like the basketball tournament where every conference champion gets in. I think that that’s probably the ultimate correct size, but we’re not going to see that. I’ll be on the beach in Hawaii somewhere off the grid before that kind of thing ever happens.”
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DOUG FARRAR – 1/16/15
SI NFL writer

“If he can put some knowledge around it and some game experience around it and round out his skill set, (the sky’s the limit). We’ve seen him make 40-yard stick throws, we’ve seen him run all over the field, we’ve seen him truck a nose guard. He’s a special player. It’ll be very interesting to see what he does with his 2015 season for sure.”
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