USA Today NFL writer

“The Packers were not able to execute (near the) goal line. It goes back to . . . game management. In the end, you are playing to the scoreboard to a degree. All I know is, (McCarthy) had a game plan put together that had the Packers up 19-7 on the defending champions in Seattle. They were in position. They let the game get away.”
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TOM CURRAN – 1/19/15
CSN New England reporter

“And I’m very intrigued as to how balls that were handled throughout the game and spotted by officials play-in and play-out (could be noticeably deflated). It just seems unlikely. The balls are used by both teams. They’re put in on the sidelines, and they’re well-monitored throughout the game. I think this all has to play out, but I hesitate to put too much stock in it early on here. But certainly it will be worth monitoring.”
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FOX Sports NFL analyst

“I didn’t think they were going to win. But as soon as they got the onside kick, I had no doubt they were going to win. I mean, that’s kind of the way they’re built. And whether it’s Russell Wilson, whether it’s from Earl Thomas or Richard Sherman playing with their arms hanging off their bodies, that’s really what that team’s about – and I think they showed it in a major way.”
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SAM AMICK – 1/21/15
USA Today NBA insider

“It’s not perfect. Perfect would be – you’re going to laugh that I would even bring this name up – but in basketball skill set alone, if not psyche, a J.R. Smith kind of guy off the bench. My points being, Dion Waiters is a ball-handler. He’s a playmaker and wants the ball in his hands. J.R. Smith is guy you can tell, ‘Go get off the ball, and Reggie is going to find you when he need you.’ They don’t have that luxury. Reggie and Dion both want the ball.”
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WARREN MOON – 1/22/15
NFL HOF QB and Seahawks radio analyst

“I’m still not sure if they were involved in this or not. But because it’s New England, because it was a championship game, because they’ve already been involved in something like this, this thing has caught more fire than it normally would. I think this happens all the time in football, and because of who it was and the impact of how big of a game it was, that’s why this is creating a little bit more (of a) story line.”
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SCOTT HANSON – 1/23/15
NFL Red Zone analyst

“Do I think deflating a football a couple pounds is that egregious an offense? I don’t think so. Because the officiating crew claims they were re-inflated or inflated to (regulation) at halftime, and the Patriots scored 28 points after the half. After (Spygate) broke and the punishment was meted out, that was when they went on their 16-0 run and pummeled everyone across the NFL. So I don’t believe that they’re cheating and gaining an advantage and that’s why they’re consistently good, (but) I do think they have more questions to answer (about this).”
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