If you’ve never been to a Super Bowl, you might not know what the week leading up to the game is like. Well, Jay Feely, who is already in Arizona for the big game Sunday, dropped by CBS Sports Radio to give you a feel for what it’s like.

“It’s a crazy week,” the veteran NFL kicker said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “And this week is going to be more crazy than any of the others. Because not only do you have Arizona, which is great weather and everyone’s going to come out here. The last time the Super Bowl was here, it was packed and jammed with celebrities; there’s people everywhere. But you (also) have the largest golf tournament of the year – the Waste Management (Phoenix Open) – which normally draws 180,000 people a day out here that same week. So it’s going to be a crazy week and probably one of the greatest sporting event weeks that one city has had in a long time.”

While Super Bowl Week can be crazy, Feely had a pretty crazy final month of the regular season. He was signed by the Chicago Bears on Dec. 3 following an injury to Robbie Gould and kicked for his seventh NFL team.

Yet, Feely is not sure what 2015 will hold.

“I’m doing some TV this week and getting ready for my future in TV and hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to kick again,” he said. “Not sure what will happen there. (I’m kind) of (getting) my body ready (and) waiting to see if somebody wants this 38-year-old guy to come in and kick for them. And if they do, great. It was a chaotic time to be up in Chicago last month. There seemed to be drama every single week, although I had a good time. I went in there with a refreshing attitude and just kind of had fun with it and tried to uplift everybody’s spirits, even though there was drama everywhere while I was there.”

The Bears finished 5-11 and closed the season on a five-game losing streak. Head coach Marc Trestman was fired and replaced by John Fox, who parted ways with Denver. Fox will bring in Adam Gase, his offensive coordinator in Denver, while Trestman became the offensive coordinator in Baltimore.

What exactly do the Bears need in their locker room?

“I think leadership and accountability – and I think both from the coaches’ standpoint as well as players,” Feely said. “They had a lot of talent, they had a lot of guys that can play in the NFL, that can be great players in the NFL. I think offensively they were loaded with talent. Defensively, they were pretty young, but they had a lot of guys that came on toward the end of the season and played better – a lot of young players. So that bodes well for them offensively. But I think offensively they got to find a way to hold guys accountable, and they have to have some discipline. I think John Fox will bring both of those.”


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