KOMO-TV Seattle sports director

“I don’t. You would always just go ahead and score. They’ve done that before where they’ve given the ball back to some teams and they’ve had more time on the clock. I don’t get that. I don’t think you waste a play when you’re behind by four points and you need a touchdown. Get in the end zone. Your defense has really done the work all year, and so what if the Patriots get one play deep in their own end? I mean, (Steven) Hauschka is going to kick off to the end zone. But I don’t really like that excuse – or the reasoning, I should say.”
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Giants linebacker

“That’s one thing that’s so dangerous about some of these quarterbacks in this league. If you put the ball in Tom Brady’s hands again and again, he’s going to start making plays. That’s what they did, and that’s what he did. That’s not saying anything about the Seahawks – because they were playing hard too, and they were making big plays. But Tom Brady and that offense – they’re the type of offense that, it doesn’t matter if they’re down 10 points to start the fourth quarter. It doesn’t matter because once they make a score, they feel like they can score every time they get the ball.”
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Falcons wide receiver

“That’s a do-or-die type play and they obviously died by it. But the ball itself from Russell Wilson, if he had to do it over again, he’d probably throw it a little bit lower, maybe a little more zip on it and try to get it where Lockette can go down and catch it. But Butler, I mean, just understanding the system, understanding the concept of the play and reading and reacting was absolutely phenomenal.”
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PETE PRISCO – 2/4/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“People want to rush him off the elite tree, but if you go back and look at every one of his throws in that game, they were easy one-read throws. Throw it up and the guy made a play on it. I thought the best throw he made was the one Kearse dropped on a big third down. He’s okay as a quarterback. He’s good as a guy who can move outside the pocket. He’s good with the ball underneath his arm. He’s average in the pocket, and he’s average reading the field. He has to get better at that.”
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MARC SPEARS – 2/5/15
Yahoo! Sports NBA writer

“When they go to the bench, that’s how they jump ahead because most benches aren’t even in the same atmosphere (in terms) of (the) talent they have. In fact, I think sometimes their bench is better than some of (the starters they face on other teams).”
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Former Patriots offensive lineman

“(In) 2001, I was out there sweating and bleeding on the offensive line for the New England Patriots. We kicked it off. We started it off, and it’s been an unbelievable run for this city. It’s just amazing the sports atmosphere here. The fans are truly what makes up every sport out here.”
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