If anyone knows why DeAndre Jordan is not an All-Star and doesn’t get much love in general, Doc Rivers would like to know. Jordan had another monster game Monday, finishing with 22 points, 27 rebounds and three blocks in a 115-98 road win over Dallas.

Jordan is averaging 10.5 points, 2.4 blocks and leads the league with 13.7 rebounds per game.

Why does no one know about this guy?

“I honestly think that he doesn’t get much love nationally – and certainly out here on the West Coast we wonder why,” Fox Sports West columnist Jill Painter Lopez said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “But you think of all the people who are not night owls on the East Coast – or maybe even the Midwest – that don’t stay up to watch those games.

The other thing, too, is not only is he a rebounding machine – he’s going after Wilt Chamberlain’s record with making 73 percent of his field goals this year – but he’s got a great personality.

“If anybody’s ever seen any of his post-game video interviews, he’s usually having a lot of fun. He got distracted in one because he’s listening to the arena Tupac song that was playing. Just a funny guy in addition to being a rebounding machine and quite a force on the court. So it doesn’t really seem understandable to us out here, but again, these games are on late out there. Maybe that’s it.”

The Clippers (34-19) had lost five of seven, including four straight, before knocking off the Mavs.

“It was just what they needed and wanted,” Painter Lopez said. “One of the other stars of the big three – either Chris Paul or DeAndre Jordan – needed to step up with Blake Griffin out. And two, it was a team thing. Four of the five starters scored in double figures and you get a customary night from Jamal Crawford off the bench. They won on the road. They stopped a four-game losing skid to end their Grammy road trip when they went 3-5. It didn’t go at all how they wanted.”

Griffin underwent surgery Monday to remove a staph infection from his right elbow. He is expected to miss at least three weeks.

“That’s really probably a best-case scenario, (so) they needed that (win),” Painter Lopez said. “Doc Rivers had been preaching the last 24 hours or so for people to not hit the panic button, and I think that Clippers fans at least got a little bit settled down with that win tonight. They really caught a lucky break with the All-Star Break coming up this weekend. It really could have been a lot (worse if Griffin had to miss three or four more games).

“But I’m one that doesn’t think this is going to be a huge blow to the season,” she continued. “It’s certainly a blow when you’re missing Blake Griffin, but the Clippers really haven’t had that cohesiveness with the bench this year. They haven’t played the kind of defense they want. And it gives an opportunity to guys like Spencer Hawes, who’s made two starts now, to really kind of find his shot. And for them to really kind of get that impact and those points and those minutes from guys who have been sitting on the bench and coming in cold and not really contributing that much.”

The Clippers are sixth in the Western Conference but trail No. 3 Houston (35-16) by just two games in the standings. And there’s still a lot of season left to play.

“Anytime Doc Rivers is coaching a team and Chris Paul is on it and DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin – even if he’s out for four weeks,” Painter Lopez said, “I just don’t think they’re going to be waving the white flag.”


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