JEFF OWENS – 2/23/15
Sporting News NASCAR writer

“But this is a guy that’s been around a little while, but he’s still very, very young. And he has really blossomed the last two years since going over to Penske racing. I think we’re seeing a star in the making.”
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KMM Sports founder and owner

“Jordan is a very easygoing guy. He has kind of a deadpan, funny sense of humor, but he really took everything in stride. He loved the interview process. He met with almost two dozen teams wile he was there and just loved every single interview that he was in. He really was just a trooper about the whole thing, and by the time we got to this morning with his on-the-field work, he was just ready to do it. He was very excited.”
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Former NFL scout and current Football Today host

“So he’s throwing fast balls usually when the season’s over. I would think his shoulder is going to heal or recuperate much quicker now than ever – and he’s only 21 years old. That doesn’t give me any pause at all – unless my doctor would come in on draft day and say, ‘Wow, this is really worse than we thought.’”
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JIM CANTORE – 2/24/15
Weather Channel meteorologist

“I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve seen enough destruction for any man for a lifetime. I’ve had enough of those. Do I like seeing them out in an open cornfield when they don’t bother anyone? Yes, absolutely. But not when they’re rolling through Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or Little Rock, Arkansas, or Dallas, Texas. That’s the worst. But snow generally – if people behave – is pretty fun. And that’s how I grew up in Vermont – loving snow.”
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LON KRUGER – 2/25/15
Oklahoma head coach

“It’s nice to be able to control your destiny, but again, it’s only about the next game. It’s there for us, but it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t change anything we have to do preparing to play as well as we possibly can the next game. And again, other teams have very tough stretches down the road too in the Big 12, so we just got to keep surviving and move on.”
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SEAN GRANDE – 2/26/15
Celtics play-by-play radio voice

“You have to take the great things that Rondo does with some of the difficulties that come with (him). There’s a reason Rondo was the 21st pick in the draft (even) with all of his extraordinary abilities and talent – and that’s because he’s generally had a reputation of being difficult. He’s a complicated person on a variety of levels. This may be new in Dallas, but it wasn’t new in Boston. He had issues with teammates, he had issues with coaches – but not all the time. It comes and it goes.”
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Chicago 670 The Score radio host

“He’s going to have the surgery over the next probably 48 hours. Friday is the likely scenario. A sliver of possible good news – optimistic, if you will – I talked to some people high up in the Bulls’ chain. They’re of the belief – now you don’t know honestly until you literally have the procedure itself – but they’re of the belief that this time around is not as serious as the last time they went in on the right knee with the meniscus. And they’re hopeful – underline the word ‘hopeful’ – that if they go in there and find that to be the case, that there’s at least a chance that he could come back this season. So they’re holding out some optimistic hope.”
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