JERRY PALM – 3/2/15
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“But you know you’ve got two ACC teams on that top line, and they can’t both run the table because they’d have to play each other in the ACC Tournament, and the loser of that game could fall from the top line – and that could open the door for someone else.”
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JEFF GREEN – 3/3/15
Grizzlies forward

“I know those two guys, they’re going to get the ball. They’re going to get their plays. But I think if I’m aggressive, it takes a lot of pressure off them. Teams can’t double as much as they want to, and then it’s one-on-one and it’s easer for Marc and Z-Bo. So I just be myself: I go out there, be aggressive and just take what the defense gives me.”
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ZACH BERMAN – 3/4/15
Philadelphia Inquirer Eagles reporter

“They really have one extra day of practice than what you see elsewhere in the NFL, and the day before a game, they’re going harder than the other teams in the league. So for guys who are veterans who have had success with a different method, it was really a shock to the system.”
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RIC BUCHER – 3/4/15
Bleacher Report NBA insider

“And we even heard Ty Lawson’s name thrown around in trade talks at the trade deadline. So my sense is that they are going to strip it down to the studs and move it in another direction. I would imagine that’s the direction you go – because it’s not as if you have a team right now that’s on the cusp of winning anything.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“But in the end, let’s not kid ourselves. It comes down to money. It’s the right guy at the right price and where does he fit. And there are teams – good teams, smart teams – (such as) Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England (and) Seattle that could use a receiver. Do they find a guy out there on a bargain?”
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