FOX Sports 1 college basketball analyst

“That said, 1-seed or a 2-seed, I think Wisconsin is the talk of college basketball (in terms of) who can beat Kentucky. If I’m going to pick one team that has what it takes – the team well-suited for that really, really tough task – it would be Wisconsin. Just the way that they are: very deliberate-paced, very experienced team. I don’t think they will, but I think they could be the team to beat Kentucky.”
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Manhattan head coach

“This one, for me, is probably one of the biggest wins I’ve ever had in my career. It’s probably the biggest – just because of what I’ve been through, what this program’s been through, what these kids have been through. For me to have these seniors go out this way – they came here four years ago with a vision, but I hadn’t won a game. They believed in me. They believed in something that hadn’t existed. They had blind faith. And I just couldn’t be more proud for them. For them to come in and go out this way is what it’s all about. I’m lucky. I have an easy job. I coach great people who are talented – so they deserve the credit, not myself.”
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GREGG ROSENTHAL – 3/10/15 writer

“I just think for him to not have come to terms on a contract with the Patriots yet, it gives him a little extra leverage. He knows what’s out there on the open market. This is a situation that he’s been dreaming for. This is the contract he’s been waiting for and pushing for his whole life. He has Woody Johnson fighting to get Revis back. He has Bill Belichick, who doesn’t want to give up Revis to the Jets. And it’s just a recipe for a team to get crazy and spend some really big-time money on a guy that is still playing really well but is in his 30s. I think the Jets are ultimately more likely to be that team that just gets crazy and gives just a huge whopper of a contract.”
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DOUG FARRAR – 3/12/15
Sports Illustrated NFL writer

“If Sam Bradford can stay healthy, he’s a perfect fit for the Chip Kelly offense. If you go back to Sam’s days at Oklahoma, he ran an option offense. It was a hurry-up offense. It was that kind of system – not too dissimilar to what Chip Kelly does. In St. Louis, Bradford had bad receivers, a bad offensive line, some really weird offensive coordinators. But Pat Shurmur was his offensive coordinator in 2010 when he was healthy, and he had that really great first season.”
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JERRY PALM – 3/12/15
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“Murray doesn’t even have (a top-50 win). The two best teams that Murray played: Xavier beat them by 27, (and) Valparaiso beat them by five touchdowns – 35. So there just isn’t any quality there. And people are like, ‘Well, they won 25 games in a row.’ But they also lost to Houston at home. Houston’s RPI is like 250. I don’t even understand the weeping and gnashing of teeth over Murray State.”
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MIKE SIELSKI – 3/13/15
Philadelphia Inquirer

“We all know how often he carried the ball and touched the ball last season. You have to expect there’s going to be a little bit of regression. I would think Sproles would carry the ball some still to mitigate the wear and tear that Murray and Matthews are going to take this season.”
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