SCOTT DREW – 3/16/15
Baylor head coach

“The closer you get, the more you want to get there. As we all know this time of March – which is so exciting – is anyone can win, and so many games come down to one or two possession and who’s able to execute.”
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GARY PARRISH – 3/16/15
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“And honestly, this Selection Sunday – maybe a bit extreme, but no different than the others – it just serves as reminder: If you’re outside of the Power 5 structure, you have to do a little bit more than everybody else.”
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MIKE YOUNG – 3/16/15
Wofford head coach

“I know every year it’s the tournament champion that comes out of our league that advances to the NCAA Tournament. With that in mind, I’ve got to do everything I can to prepare our team for January and February. I don’t think there’s a better proving ground than Palo Alto (or) when you’re going to Cameron Indoor Stadium and playing those types of people. We got some scars to prove it – and I think it pays dividends down the line for our teams.”
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RICK BYRD – 3/16/15
Belmont head coach

“I’m going to have a long sit-down with Taylor here over the next couple days. Don’t tell Coach Bennett, though.”
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BRYCE DREW – 3/16/15
Valparaiso head coach

“As far as that particular moment, it’s usually not until they get here because it was so long ago. We recruit these kids (and) they really have no idea. But we’ve talked about legacy, and our program has a tradition of being competitive on a national scene. So our players are well-aware of that heading into the tournament.”
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North Florida head coach

“We have a mantra here and we stuck by it all year. We just try to be 1-0 every night. That’s all we try to do. We just have to handle our business (and go) 1-0 Wednesday night.”
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Sporting News and Big Ten Network analyst

“The football people would also say that it should be reviewable, but it’s a judgement call, so it’s a lot like pass interference. I don’t think we necessarily need more review. I suppose you could say if we’re going to review out of bounds, why can’t we review this? But again, even if they had reviewed it, I think they would have settled on the call that they did. Video replay showed that the ball was going to strike the rim, and we would have had the result. It just would have taken a little bit longer to get there – and we take long enough to get to the end of some of these games, I’m not sure sure that we need more.”
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