ROB DAUSTER – 3/23/15
NBC Sports College Basketball Talk managing editor

“Down (16 points) with the No. 1 seed coming up in your next game and here they are heading to the Sweet 16 to take on Louisville – it’s pretty surprising that they’ve been able to pull it off. Credit to them. Mark Gottfried has kind of proven that he’s the guy that can get it done in the NCAA Tournament.”
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STEVE LAPPAS – 3/24/15
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“So they didn’t shoot the three well and then NC State’s inside guys dominated them with double-doubles. That’s why Villanova went home. I thought Villanova was a little more versatile than they ended up proving to be.”
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BOB HUGGINS – 3/25/15
West Virginia head coach

“I think I heard (they have) 10 first-round picks. There’s not an NBA team that has 10 first-round picks on it. I mean, if you go down through every roster in the NBA, nobody has 10 first-round picks. So I think Larry Brown said they’d be runner-up in the East. I’m thinking they may win it. They’re talented.”
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Utah head coach

“I don’t think they’d have any problem if they had three nights rest and they were playing another team that maybe came off their fourth game in five nights, which is often the case with an NBA schedule. That’s the thing. You get to that level, it’s very much work and a lot of it’s the scheduling. If you give both teams ample time to prepare and rest, I’m not sure how many NBA teams they’re going to beat. But just like on any given night in March Madness, I think (in) an NBA season there’s a lot of opportunities to beat people. They’re incredibly talented.”
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GARY BELL JR. – 3/26/15
Gonzaga guard

“I feel like we’re an elite team, but obviously a lot of people didn’t even have us to this point. We’re going to play with a chip on our shoulder and try to prove everybody wrong, that we are an elite team (and that) we can play with the big schools.”
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SWIN CASH – 3/26/15

“It just seems like they have that magic whenever March just comes rolling around. It’s really surprising for a lot of people to see them here, but I thought that they would be in this position just because they’re a team that constantly plays defense, and he’s just a masterful coach.”
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Fox Sports columnist

“This is the last game of his career at Xavier. He certainly played a good game. Started off a little shaky, but he played well. I don’t think they have anything to hang their heads about, but certainly a big disappointment.”
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