DAN WOLKEN – 4/6/15
USA Today college basketball writer

“I just . . . don’t really see any correlation between what happened that night and what’s going to happen (Monday). Even though it could be the same result, I just don’t really know that either team is going to take that much from what happened several months ago. I really think it’s anybody’s game.”
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JERRY PALM – 4/6/15
CBS Sports college basketball writer

“They’re not taking it too seriously. There’s no pressure on Wisconsin. They’re not feeling the pressure. I’ll be surprised if they look like they’re feeling the pressure tonight. They’re on quite a run. They know it to some degree, that they’re on this run, but this is a really talented team. I just think overall this is a great matchup.”
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Fox Sports college basketball insider

“There’s a lot more teams out there. There’s a lot more parity in college basketball. The one-and-done rule actually brings even more parity to college basketball because if you’re an elite program – like Duke obviously is – you need to re-recruit every single year. It’s almost like chemistry on the fly that you need to create. So to me, the context of that, the fact that Coach K ha changed with the times – (that is why he is the best ever).”
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NBC Sports NHL analyst

“It’s amazing what he has done coming in. And they’re getting healthy. They got Jason Zucker (collarbone) back, who played very well tonight. Mikael Granlund scored a goal against (Corey Crawford), who looks very strong. They’re a tough team.”
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NOTAH BEGAY – 4/9/15
Golf Channel analyst

“Some of the biggest nerves and the most pressure a golfer will ever face. Which is why it’s sort of taken so many potential contenders. It’s victimized them. It really breaks a lot of people’s hearts, this golf course and this tournament – because of the pressure.”
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ANN LIGUORI – 4/10/15
CBS Sports radio and TV personality

“He’s such a nice person. He shot a 5-under 67. He was really solid. He had the lead for a little bit before Justin Spieth grabbed a share of the lead and then passed him there. But it’s funny. He said as of yesterday, he had changed shafts on his clubs. He went a little lighter because he was getting older and he wanted a lighter shaft, which is funny. He is 45, but it just goes to show you. His last win was the British Open in 2012, so it’s been a couple years. But obviously the guy can still play.”
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COREY BROCK – 4/10/15
Padres.com writer

“People are just floored by what’s happened and are truly excited about the potential of what could happen.”
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