PGA pro and golf analyst

“But I just think Jordan is this clean cut All-American kid that may actually reach a new audience. Tiger certainly had moved the needle more than any other player since Arnold Palmer, as far as I can tell. He grew the audience and interest in golf like no other player, and I appreciate that, especially as a PGA pro. But Jordan, I think, is going to do it in his own way with a more grounded and more wholesome approach, and I’m really excited about that. This kid is just everything good about golf.”
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SEAN GRANDE – 4/14/15
Celtics radio voice

“If you get young bodies that want to play for each other, you got a chance to do some pretty cool things.”
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MIKE DIGIOVANNA – 4/15/15 Angels beat writer

“They’re trying to play the season without it being a distraction. They’re trying to focus on the 25 guys in the clubhouse. They care about Josh as a person and want him and his family to be okay. They know his struggles with this stuff, and they do care and like him as a person, but they can’t get too wrapped up in waiting for him because that’s going to take focus away from what they’re doing on the field. So just a really odd mix of emotions. I just don’t see a real happy resolution to this thing.”
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Capitals center

“He’s a different player this year than he was in the past. He wants to win a Stanley Cup. That’s his main goal. He’s won all the other stuff. He’s been almost unstoppable this year. Nobody can score goals like he does. It’s exciting. He’s very excited to be back in the dance again.”
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ZACH HARPER – 4/16/15
CBS Sports NBA insider

“Between James Harden and Steph Curry, they both have excellent cases. James Harden, with all the injuries that they had . . . led them to a 2-seed in the Western Conference that has been so good that we’ve had this conversation that we need to get rid of conference altogether. So that’s got to count for something. On the other hand, Steph Curry has not only been an incredible player, but he’s been a guy that has led this team to a point where they don’t have to play fourth quarters. They don’t have to grind out those clutch minutes and get victories. They’re resting their players more than they probably need to, and that sets them up for a deep playoff run, a chance at the title. So what do you find more valuable? I don’t think you can go wrong.”
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TNT NBA analyst

“They’ve been able to come together in the last couple months (in a way) that, frankly, even LeBron said he wasn’t expecting. And now they’re a force to be reckoned with. They are a contender for the NBA title this year, which is not something that people really expected when he first went over there. Thats something to watch, no question.”
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