Grizzlies voice

“What I saw tonight (against Portland) was kind of what I felt like I saw in the final four games of the year. We looked more like the team that started the season. I shouldn’t say we. They looked like the team that started the season. They got back to playing Grizzlies basketball, spreading the floor, getting it to the bigs, letting them go to work.”
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DAN WOIKE – 4/20/15
Orange County Register Clippers beat writer

“I thin Chris Paul is also very good defensively and the two of them do enough that your other guys . . . if you kind of incorporate them into a team-defensive system, (you can have success).”
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Bay Area News Group columnist

“If you make a mistake on the game plan, he’s going to exploit it. On defense, he’s always there. Even when he’s not there, the Warriors are missing layups because they’re expecting him to be there. You just don’t see a guy impact the mentality of another team on both ends of the court like this. LeBron is probably the only other guy who you fear as much on defense as you do on offense. That’s something that the Warriors don’t deal with too often. They’re having a tough time trying to figure out how to handle this guy on both ends.”
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Houston Chronicle Rockets beat writer

“A coach like Kevin McHale works well for guys like Josh Smith. He has so much freedom in the offense. All these guys do. McHale doesn’t care what shots you’re taking or how often you’re taking them. He cares if you’re playing good defense, you’re getting back, you’re moving in transition – and Josh Smith does all those things really well. So this is a system where he can be himself and he’s making smarter plays because of it.”
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The Fourth Period analyst

“It’s a recurring theme in these playoffs. It’s the unheralded, unsung guys like Scott Darling – who I think played 18 games coming into the season in the NHL – that is now rising to the occasion for a team that has won two championships.”
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BOB BARRY JR. – 4/23/15
Oklahoma City KFOR-TV sports director

“You can’t get rid of the roster, although they changed out half of it at the trade deadline. So you make a change with the coach and hope somebody pushes you over the top and gets that NBA championship while Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are still in their prime. That’s the only thing that makes sense and that’s got to be the only message they sent. I’m sure the Thunder is hoping to catch lightning in a bottle and hire a new coach and win that title in Kevin Durant’s final season under his current contract.”
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KEN CARMAN – 4/24/15
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan radio host

“A guy who’s defensive like Tom Thibodeau (wants) to try to keep you boxed into the half-court, but when you have Kevin Love out there and he’s hitting the outside shot, he can turn a basketball court into a football field. If Chicago plays them, I think they test them physically. I think Noah tests them mentally. And on the other side, I think Kevin Love plays a bigger role because he stretches out the floor so much.”
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