KURT HELIN – 4/27/15
NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk managing editor

“I don’t know that his intent there was to really injure him. He gets his arm and yanks it, but I don’t know that it was a full-on intent to injure as much as just kind of part of the physical nature of the play. That one really does hurt the Cavs going into that next round. That’s a nice front line in Chicago, and you could have used Love.”
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Washington’s 106.7 The Fan host

“But clearly the narrative was going to be one way or the other. It was either Ovechkin’s fault or the captain won the big one. I’m sure he’ll get more credit (Tuesday), frankly, than he deserves. It was a night about a lot of other guys as much as it was about him.”
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Atlanta’s 680 The Fan radio host

“I have him 13th overall on my board. I’ve looked at it like this: If you’re talking about dropping him to the late part of the first round, which is where I believe (he’s) going to be, part of that is the foot injury that he has that he has to rehab. The other part of it is now there is obviously a question of his decision-making. When you start taking a look at the big scheme of things, you’re talking about a $500,000 difference in what he’s going to make. So that’s some very expensive marijuana that he got caught with. That’s where I think he ends up falling – end of the first round, perhaps the top of the second round, where he’s a little less risky as a player.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I would go with Mariota if I could make that trade, but I think it’s going to take more than 12 and 19. I think it’s going to be 12 and 19 and a couple more sweeteners before that deal gets consummated. But if I’m Cleveland, I’m exploring every part of it.”
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ROCH KUBATKO – 4/30/15
MASNSports.com Orioles insider

“That’s why I was impressed that they were able to come out (Wednesday) and play as well as they did with all the distractions and all the worries.”
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CBS Sports senior NFL Draft analyst

“But it’s one of the things where at some point – and it’s different for every team – he becomes worth the risk. And for the Denver Broncos, once he fell out of the top 20 picks, the Broncos saw a chance to go up and get him. So for Denver, that’s when he was worth the risk. For Dorial Green-Beckham and Randy Gregory, we haven’t gotten to that point yet where a team says ‘Okay, this is where we feel these guys are worth the risk. We’ll take a chance on them.’”
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