MARC SPEARS – 5/5/15
Yahoo! Sports NBA insider

“But for them to do what they did, to be so dominant in the Western Conference – I mean, it wasn’t even close between them and the second-place team, and the second-place team was Houston, who they swept. Curry led all that. Curry had a lot of fantastic moments and Curry sat out a lot of fourth quarters because he sparked them just beating everybody down. I know why there were people who voted for James Harden for sure, but I think Steph Curry deserved it.”
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Cleveland Plain Dealer Cavs beat writer

“As long as you got Kyrie Irving and LeBron James on the floor, you’re always going to have a chance. But it was a situation where they just didn’t have much energy, much effort, in that first quarter. That kind of sunk them. They had their moments, but at the end of the day, you got Derrick Rose in a rhythm. Once he gets involved, it was pretty much lights out.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 5/6/15 analyst 

“He doesn’t care if LeBron James is on him. He doesn’t care who it is. He’s going to play and attack the other team in a way that allows his group to have the advantage. If he can do it consistently, I really believe it. I think that the Bulls are the odds on favorite to win the whole thing.”
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ROB RANG – 5/8/15 NFL analyst

“I think that’s where the NFC East is going. I think that is a reflection of just the way that you consistently win in today’s NFL. This was a case of Washington and New York trying to follow the lead (of) what the Dallas Cowboys did a year ago. But these are also two franchises that have shown their own willingness in the past to invest in the line of scrimmage.”
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