MIKE MELTSER – 5/18/15
Houston’s SportsRadio 610 host

“But the thing is, they’re a different team than the one that went 0-4 against Golden State – based on the Dallas series, based on what’s happening in the last week, most especially against the Clippers. Clearly Golden State’s going to be the favorite, but I think based on what we’ve seen the last three games, I’ll give the Rockets a chance.”
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Former NBA player and current Suns TV analyst

“But the difference is, Golden State is just deep – and they’re deep with a plethora of guys that can play two ways. You talk about Draymond Green, (Andre) Iguodala, Harrison Barnes – those three alone really put you in a tough situation. Look, I applaud the Rockets for doing what they did and Dwight Howard’s playing very well, but I just cannot see them having any type of imprint on this series. If Golden State doesn’t win it in five, I’d be shocked.”
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MATT MOORE – 5/20/15
CBSSports.com NBA writer

“The rest of the Rockets’ entire tenor about it – and even Dwight Howard’s demeanor about the injury – was a lot more down. There seems to be a level of concern. There’s nothing official yet. Right now its just a bruise. But there is some concern at least going into Game 2 about whether or not he’s going to be available – and if he’s not, this can really tilt the series even more heavily in the Warriors’ favor than it already was.”
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Sports Illustrated and MMQB.com NFL writer

“I think it’s better for him to hold it over the commissioner and the other owners’ head for a long time – not use it up right away (by appealing Brady’s suspension). These owners need something. They need a stadium-measure approval, a tax approval from other owners, a way to transfer money in and out of the franchise, and at some point down the road, they’re going to use this as political reciprocation for what he just did. That happens.”
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CHRIS KUC – 5/22/15
Chicago Tribune hockey writer

“He said he got bumped all game long. He wasn’t trying to make excuses there, but if a guy gets bumped and he can’t get over, that’s kind of what happened there. Certainly a nice passing play and goals like that happen. Corey Crawford’s been outstanding and the Hawks really wouldn’t have had the series tied if it wasn’t for what he did in overtime in Game 2. But he said the Ducks are in his face – and that’s what you have to do in playoff hockey. Anaheim’s not afraid to get right in front and jostle the goaltender. That’s exactly what happened and they got the goal for it.”
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