JOHN KINCADE – 5/25/15
Atlanta’s 680 The Fan radio host

“I can’t wait to see him get back to work. And if he doesn’t, the new ownership group are absolute cowards. Flat-out cowards if they don’t give him his job back.”
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ROB MAHONEY – 5/26/15
Sports Illustrated senior NBA writer

“I think if Kyrie Irving were healthy, if Kevin Love were healthy, this would be more of a potential series. But as it looks now, with Kyrie limited and with Love out and with LeBron having to do a hell of a lot with role players around him who have been good – (it’s going to be tough). Against the Warriors, I just don’t see that team holding up. I think Golden State definitely has the defensive chops to stop them.”
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Cleveland CBS-TV sports director

“This is a guy who has a lot of playoff miles on him. By his own nature, by his own game, he takes a pounding. He drives it to the hoop. He’s inside. He’s working hard a lot. But he also pays a price for that. Now he’s also a guy who does incredible stuff off the court in terms of his body. But clearly it takes a toll on him. As important as it is for Kyrie, it’s just as important for LeBron James at this point to get a week off here and then go get it – because they’re going to need everything they got.”
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TIM ROYE – 5/28/15
Warriors radio voice

“I thought the Rockets, after (they) got behind 3-0, played with house money. There’s really no pressure on them. If they win, they win. If they don’t, they don’t. I thought the game got a little sloppy. I thought there was some nerves out there. The Warriors were anxious. They were kind of moving the ball where they shouldn’t have moved the ball.”
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TYSON NASH – 5/29/15
Fox Sports NHL analyst

“(Playing at home) can be a good thing if you feed off it in the right way, and it can be a bad thing, again, if you start running around (and) you get too amped up for it. Playing on the road sometimes, you get away from all the distractions and you’re just focused on the task at hand. You’re not worried about tickets, you’re not worried about family. You’re just worried about playing the game. That can be a distraction, I’m telling you.”
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