USA Today sportswriter 

“Really at that point, no one genuinely thought of them as a legitimate title contender, but they learned from each experience. Each bad game that they had, Jill Ellis made a slight change, and the pivotal one was before the quarterfinal against China when she said, ‘Carli Lloyd, you have your freedom now.’ And she allowed Lloyd not to be stuck in a holding midfield role but to really join the offense as often as possible and Lloyd loved it. She blossomed from that moment on, and the rest is history.”
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ROBBY KALLAND – 7/7/15 golf and college football writer

“There was a really big gap between the two when they started the year, but obviously winning the Master’s and U.S. Open, that’ll help the world golf ranking. Spieth, he’s currently the heavy favorite at this point. He’s getting 4:1, 5:1 odds pretty much everywhere to win the Open, and he’s got the game and he’s got the style where he just can be consistent. He should be at the top again.”
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ROB NEYER – 7/8/15
Fox Sports MLB analyst

“Who do you want to see batting in the eighth inning of the All-Star Game? I don’t know about you or every other fan in the world, but me, I want to see A-Rod batting. I think it’s a tremendous story that we’ve seen. So yes, I would say . . . he does deserve to be an All-Star.”
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USWNT captain

“I love to compete. I played so many sports growing up, and to be able to just continue to play and be on the best team in the world and enjoy the journey is what it’s about. I wasn’t ready to give it up. To be around these girls and watch the game grow, that’s been the best part of it – from ’99 to now. Yeah, we won so many Olympic gold medals and now two World Cups, (but) it’s just inspiring to be around so many powerful women. So why not? If you’re capable of doing it, you might as well keep going.”
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DAN WOIKE – 7/9/15
Orange County Register Clippers writer

“Being able to think about all that stuff, I think that kind of leads to a change of heart. I think you add all of that stuff together and (he) realized it was a better deal for him to be a Clipper.”
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MARC SPEARS – 7/10/15
Yahoo! Sports NBA analyst

“Well, I mean, he’s not a franchise player. He doesn’t hit free throws, he doesn’t really have a lot of post moves. He’s an exciting defensive superstar, one of the top defensive players in the league, rebounds extremely well. But his post moves, to me, seem to be alley-hoops and dunks. There’s not really a lot of post-game there unless he’s dunking on somebody. So perhaps he thought about the pressures of coming in (and being the man). There’s a lot that comes with being the man. It’s probably nice to make $20 million and not have the pressure of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. It’s a lot different when you got to answer every day. Maybe that played a role in that, too. Maybe there’s something to what Chandler says as far as him not really wanting to have that spotlight or getting cold feet towards it.”
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