JEFF RITTER – 7/20/15
Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine writer

“He’s European. He’s Irish. No one had more fun yesterday than he did. So as you look at the leaderboard today, you’ve got something for everybody. You’ve got Cinderella, you’ve got Spieth chasing history, you’ve got wily veterans like Oosthuizen and Harrington – there’s everything out here for golf fans today. It’s so tightly packed, it’s going to be a real sprint to the finish today. It’s going to be fun.”
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MATT ADAMS – 7/21/15
Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio analyst

“First of all, he didn’t hit a good tee shot on the par 3. Then he blasted it right past the hole and right off the green and ended up with a double bogey. And at 18, the only thing I can figure is he was a little nervy on 18 because he pulled it way left. He was as far left as I saw any tee shot on 18 yesterday. He gave himself this really odd angle. It just wasn’t to be.”
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BILL CLARK – 7/23/15
UAB head football coach

“I think what I thought of our fans and just the love of us and our support – and this is my state. Birmingham can be just so special. This can be one of the top jobs, I think, in the country if we take these steps facility-wise and commitment-wise. That’s what I believe. That’s what I thought we were scratching the surface of last year without a lot of those aspects. So that’s what I wanted to see and do and do it right.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 7/24/15
Fox Sports and CBS Sports Radio host

“You don’t want to just play for that Wild Card game. You don’t make trades to try to win a Wild Card. You don’t give up young players in your organization just to try to win a Wild Card. You do it to win a division. You do it to build your team a little bit better to try to go deep in the postseason. Certainly I think that’s what the Astros are doing here.”
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