NICK CAFARDO – 7/27/15
Boston Globe MLB writer

“As Pedro pointed out, there will be a lot more in the coming years. Vlady Guerrero has a good shot, Albert Pujols, David Ortiz – so there will be a bunch more in the future as the Dominican players play longer into their careers. But yeah, Pedro, again, it was a lot of stuff with him on all fronts, especially just trying to surpass expectations of people. Tommy Lasorda never thought he would be a starting pitcher because he was just so small. He thought he’d wear down – and eventually he did wear down, but it was about 219 wins later.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I expect him to be prepared to sue unless the league were to basically fall on its sword, and they’re reluctant to do that. So here we sit as we get deeper and deeper into July and almost August, but the reality is as much as Goodell would like to say there is no timetable on this, we’re what, a week away, eight days away from the Hall of Fame induction? They don’t want it to obscure that weekend. We’ve got more teams reporting to camp by the day, so I can’t imagine this lingers too much longer.”
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EXAVIER POPE – 7/29/15
Sports attorney

“You have to have the witnesses, you have to have all the different evidence that’s presented before the particular judge – this could take awhile to get resolved. Obviously the NFL wants this answer sooner rather than later to make sure that Tom Brady is not playing, and Tom Brady is now in a situation where he has to fight quicker now. He wanted to have the injunction so he could play and play and play, maybe push the ball down the road a little bit so he could have the season go in the Patriots’ favor. But this may take a little while – (and) I think this is in the hands of the NFL now that the suspension has been upheld.”
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Fox Sports MLB analyst

“If you don’t think that plays in a big ball park with one of the better defensive teams in the league, you’re wrong. I just think it’s exactly what they needed. I’m not saying they got David Price. I’m not saying they got Cole Hamels. I’m saying they got exactly what they needed. (Leake is) the perfect fit for the San Francisco Giants.”
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