It seemed as if neither side would budge, but in the end, both parties got what they wanted. Russell Wilson signed a four-year, $87.6 million extension with the Seattle Seahawks last week, a deal that will keep him in Seattle through at least the 2019 season.

How did both sides finally get to the point of compromise?

“It really was like Russell came back to reality as to what they’re going to pay him,” KOMO-TV Seattle sports director Mike Ferreri said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think he really saw that in order to be on a winning team, in order to be taken care of, he needed to go ahead and sign what the Seahawks are offering. They weren’t going to budge. I think he wanted way north of Aaron Rodgers money, and that just didn’t happen. I think once you saw that’s what he was going to get – and the big deal was that it was the four-year extension on to the year now. So it’s five total through the year 2019. I think the Seahawks wanted more years – and they were going to give him more – but he gets to do this whole thing over again when he’s 30. And when you look at guys like the Aaron Rodgers, guys his age – they’re all kind of in that 30-ish ballpark. So he’ll be doing this again after the 2019 season, so I think that appealed to him.”

So did playing for Super Bowls year in and year out.

“I think it said he does want to win,” Ferreri said. “I think you get to that point where it’s 11 o’clock at night on the night before the first practice before his self-imposed deadline that he wanted something done, and I think he badly just wanted to play football. He’s been doing a lot of training in the offseason down in San Diego. He’s talked about that a lot. He’s talked a lot about – if you listen to his interviews – he often references a mental coach, that he actually has mental training that he does. Is that a psychologist? I don’t know, but that’s what he calls it and he does a lot of work. And I think after the way things ended back in February in Arizona, (he’s had) a lot of time to think about it, a lot of time to replay it, a lot of time to talk about it, especially wherever he went. It seemed to be he was on a talk show every week. And then getting down to the training aspect, that seemed to be just the part that needed to get done for him to just get on the field and play football.”

It didn’t hurt that the majority of the contract, $61 million, was guaranteed.

“To me, that was it,” Ferreri said. “You can go out and break both your ankles and be done for two years, God forbid. But when you see $61 million guaranteed in a contract, how would you ever say no to that?”


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