KOMO-TV Seattle sports director

“You can go out and break both your ankles and be done for two years, God forbid. But when you see $61 million guaranteed in a contract, how would you ever say no to that?”
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MATT VENSEL – 8/4/15
Minneapolis Star Tribune Vikings writer

“(It’s) the same deal. He always expects to get more catches, he always expects to rush for 2,500 yards – he sets these lofty goals and that’s what he does. When he says that, we kind of just shrug and go ‘Okay, well, this is the headline (for) another year.’ But you look back three years ago when he came off the ACL tear, he has defied expectations at least as an athlete. So he’s certainly motivated. I think we’d probably be foolish to write him off. I don’t know if he’s going to get 2,500 yards, but there’s no reason to think that if he’s able to stay healthy for all 16 games that he can’t approach 1,500.”
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JOE GIGLIO – 8/5/15
WIP Philadelphia analyst

“Although these moves are individual and not every one is related to the other one, if I had told you a couple years ago that Riley Cooper would outlast DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and (all these other players), you would have said, ‘That’s laughable.’ I don’t believe Chip Kelly is making these moves based on race. I don’t know him personally, but in terms of the moves of the football team, that doesn’t seem like it makes any sense because he has brought in plenty of star African American players as well, including DeMarco Murray, who won Offensive Player of the Year last year. It’s almost like you look at it one way and you kind of raise your eye brow. You look at it another way and you say it’s silly. That’s kind of where the city is at right now – and unfortunately, Chip Kelly is right in the middle of all of it.”
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SportsRadio 610 host

“There were some reports that it seemed like . . . they were going to sign Pierre Thomas. They didn’t come to terms. They offered Pierre Thomas the minimum. He probably felt like they were in dire straits and could have offered more. I think they could revisit (that) down the line here in August as training camp and preseason kind of progresses. Right now I think it’s a committee between Alfred Blue, Chris Polk, Kenny Hilliard and also Jonathan Grimes, who’s kind of a tough inside runner. But this without Arian Foster is to me a pure running back by committee. Nobody can replace what he offers on the football field.”
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AZCardinals.com writer

“In fact, if I had to put a finger on this week or so of camp for the Cardinals on what the top story would be, I would have to say it’s Carson Palmer and how sharp he looks. He’s in his third year of the offense, he’s very comfortable in that role, and the fact that he’s come back from this knee injury so well and there’s no problems with that at all right now, I think is remarkable and it bodes well for this team going forward.”
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