ROB ROSSI – 8/10/15
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist

“I mean, you just don’t see guys have that many (former teammates attend). From Greg Lloyd to a lot of those former Hall of Famers, they all went there and really wanted to show what affection they had for Jerome. I think the only person that wasn’t there that really probably would have made it fitting is Bill Cowher. But from what I understand, his daughter was getting married in Ireland so he couldn’t make it.”
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Former NFL LB and current analyst

“We know that if you have areas of weakness in your defense, which happens when you pressure, there’s always got to be a give and a take. You give a guy in the pass rush, you’re taking somebody out of coverage. Aaron’s as good as anybody of finding those weaknesses in your defense and then exploiting them.”
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Metro New York Jets reporter

“But I’m going to tell you: I think it’s sort of an indictment on Rex Ryan’s locker room. For young players to be behaving this way means that they grew up in a culture where this was allowed. So this is more of an indictment if you ask me on the type of locker room and personalities that Rex Ryan brought in than anything Todd Bowles has done. And to a man, you will hear the Jets players say on or off the record how much they enjoy Todd Bowles being a former coach, bringing accountability and what he’s brought to this team.”
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MARK KELSO – 8/13/15
Former Bill and current Bills radio analyst

“In my mind right now, I guess if you’re saying the regular season was going to start in the next couple days, the least risky proposal is Matt Cassel. If you have a healthy running game, he can manage the game and you would think that he would make the least mistakes. But I don’t think it’s settled in anybody’s mind. I still think it’s a tossup. It just depends on how those guys play here in the next couple weeks.”
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TIM BRANDO – 8/14/15
Fox Sports 1 national commentator

“I don’t see that. I just don’t. I think New Year’s Day was a huge success. Those of us that grew up on the history and tradition of college football were reminded of what New Year’s Day was all about when a team like Miami could go from No. 4 to No. 1 because Texas lost to Georgia in the Cotton Bowl in 1984 on New Year’s Day. That was riveting. New Year’s Day was a day that meant a lot in college football. New Year’s Eve is too big a night for too may people to go out. I think that while the games themselves will be successful, they’re not going to get the television ratings on New Year’s Eve that they would on New Year’s Day, in my opinion.”
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