ERIC BRANCH – 8/18/15
San Francisco Chronicle 49ers beat writer

“He’s a players’ coach, he cares about the guys, he really wants to get to know them, etc., etc. We’ve all heard that. And maybe I’m naive, but this (appears) to be really genuine with him. Now, does that mean he’s going to be Vince Lombardi and they’re going to be in the playoffs? Not necessarily. But I do think that can go a long way. Talent always helps, so we’ll see about that.”
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BRADY QUINN – 8/19/15
Fox Sports NFL analyst

“Everyone else is going to carry that same exact confidence in order to push themselves to the limits – or, if you’re a quarterback, throw that ball in that tight window. You have to believe you’re going to be able to make it through, that you’ve got enough arm or you’re accurate enough to make it through in order to get the completion or the conversion on third down.”
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JOHN FIELDS – 8/19/15
Jordan Spieth’s college coach

“His dad played Division I baseball at Lehigh, his mother played Division III basketball, his brother, Steven, right now is going to enter his junior year as a guard at Brown, and everybody has heard that (he has a) special-needs (sister), Ellie, who is 13 years old. It’s just an incredible athletic family that believes and has high goals and has been around sports for a long time. I just think that Jordan grew up with an incredible ability to believe in what he has. I do think it’s family-oriented.”
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EXAVIER POPE – 8/20/15
Legal analyst

“There’s a lot of uncertainty that surrounds that. We’ve seen a lot of evidence in this case. Judge Berman himself said that there were strengths and weaknesses (for both sides). We’re thinking we’re seeing (that) Tom Brady looks a little better on the substantive side, but I do believe on the procedural side he’s still behind the 8-ball and there’s still a lot of uncertainty as to where this case is going to go.”
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