CBS Sports college football writer

“He didn’t turn the ball over. And when you have an offense as talented as Alabama’s and you have their defense – which is always phenomenal – as long as you’re quarterback’s taking care of the ball, you really don’t need too much more from him.”
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Former NFL WR and current 680 The Fan host

“Mike Smith did a great job. I was able to play with him for three years – his first three years and Matt Ryan’s first three years. And (after) seven years as a head coach with the team, especially after two bad seasons, your message wears a little thin and it’s tough to get guys fired up to play ball. And the two things I think Dan Quinn has done: He’s got guys excited about playing football and guys believing in him. So he fits the part, he looks the role. Some guys show up and you’re just not sold that they’re head-coach material. But Dan Quinn is all-in and he looks the part. He feels it, talks it, he walks it, and fans, the team itself, guys in that building – everybody’s excited about Dan Quinn.”
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670 The Score host

“What’s going on with the Bears from a talent standpoint is an absolute mess, and you’re adding in them learning a new offense and a new defense, it’s a lot to undertake. I totally get why people aren’t as excited about this year’s team, but I do think there’s a respect for John Fox. We know he can coach. It’s just a matter of will he have enough time to implement his plan and get new players in there before the fan base gets antsy?”
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STEVE SAVARD – 9/10/15
Rams radio analyst

“The other thing the trade did for the Rams is it freed up about $11-13 million in cap space. What they were able to do with that money is they added to an already formidable defense – specifically being able to sign Akeem Ayers and Nick Fairley. So you got better on defense, you certainly have a more cap-friendly quarterback, and Nick Foles – although he injured (his collarbone last year), there isn’t that track record of injury that Sam Bradford had here in St Louis. So I think people are very optimistic about Nick Foles holding up compared to what we’ve seen the last two years.”
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MIKE GIARDI – 9/11/15
CSN Patriots writer

“Butler all preseason has just been lined up at the left corner, and that’s an important spot, but he followed Brown all over the field. I know Brown had nine catches and 133 yards, but it was a pretty competitive effort from Butler. There was the one play where Brown stood over the top of him for a 37-yard gain, but otherwise, a lot of bump screens, a lot of slants with rubs and picks – those plays are pretty indefensible anyway. So I thought that Butler did a pretty good job all things considered in his first big start.”
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