DOUG FARRAR – 9/14/15
Sports Illustrated NFL writer

“Mariota seems to have done the protections, reading defenses, dropping back from under center – he’s got it all so down, and so quickly. And then Ken Whisenhunt, the head coach, they’ve put together package plays, little different option things – it was just a really impressive mixture of what Mariota can do and what he has to do.”
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CAM INMAN – 9/15/15
Bay Area News Group 49ers writer

“But they changed the line around a lot, and these guys really played well within that scheme. The way they moved Colin Kaepernick around too to keep him from getting sacked – he only got sacked once, but he scrambled seven times so it’s not like it’s a lockdown unit by any means. But there’s signs that this line is going to open up holes for Carlos Hyde. The 49ers want to be a run-oriented team.”
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ESPN NFL analyst

“And therefore I don’t think they’ll control the clock like they did last year, and a defense that has a lot of question marks will be on the field even more. The receivers are complimentary pieces. Witten is going to the Hall of Fame, but he’s not a No. 1 type option and neither is Terrance Williams. So I think Romo is great, but he can only do so much. This is really going to cripple their playoff hopes.”
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MOHAMED SANU – 9/17/15
Bengals wide receiver

“San Diego has a great team, the defense is tough. Philip Rivers is an awesome quarterback. He has a lot of talent over there and a lot of weapons that he knows how to use. He scores points. So we know we got to score points as well and keep the ball as long as possible.”
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Chiefs radio analyst

“Now, it’s a division game and it’s a game you had a chance to win, but it’s still just one game. They’re 1-1 and now they maybe got to go take a game somewhere that people don’t expect them to win. If I’m going to put my money on anybody, it’s going to be an Andy Reid-led football team. If there’s a positive you can take away, the Chiefs still had a chance to win that game, even with five turnovers and the nine penalties. So they were doing some good things. They just continually shot themselves in the foot. That’s the name of the game. You can’t win in the NFL if you turn the ball over five times. It’s just that simple.”
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