WILL BRINSON – 9/21/15
CBSSports.com college football writer

“They can win. They get the Falcons, Saints, Patriots, Giants, Seahawks, Eagles, Buccaneers and Dolphins before the Panthers on Thanksgiving. If he can come back on Thanksgiving, they’re already 2-0 and I feel like they can win three or four of those games. And all of a sudden with Dez and Tony Romo coming back, they’re right there at .500. They can come back and make a playoff run. For the short term and for the long haul, while Tony’s out, their offense is in trouble, but I think the Cowboys can survive the season. The Eagles just have to figure out a way to get that offensive line clicking because until it does, that running game won’t function, and if that running game isn’t functioning, they’re going to struggle on offense as a whole.”
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Indianapolis 1430 CBS Sports Radio host

“Tonight he was pretty good. Minus the fumble, he showed burst for a 32-year-old running back. That was kind of the thing that fans were looking for, the media was looking for and I know the coaches have been looking for. They’re hoping that Frank Gore hasn’t passed that period of time where he can be a productive running back. I think he showed tonight that he can be productive. In the first game, he says he drank too much energy drink and wound up getting cramps as a result, so we give him a pass on that. Tonight, I thought he looked pretty good – except for that fumble. It seemed like in the second half they figured some things out. If Gore doesn’t put it on the turf – no contact, he just kind of coughed it up – but if he doesn’t put it on the turf, the Colts, for as poorly as they played, might have won this game.”
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JULIE DICARO – 9/24/15
Chicago 670 The Score host

“So we’ve sort of got this dueling duplicate bag thing with both sides thinking they have the original bag. And the reason it matters is because establishing a chain of custody of where the evidence has been and who’s handled it is really important for evidence to be able to come in as admissible at trial. So this sort of calls all the DNA evidence and all the rape-kit evidence now into question.”
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USA Today college football analyst

“But the one thing I want to tell you is this: It might not be popular in some quadrants down South, but I think you need to not overdo what beating Alabama means – because this is not the Alabama of two years ago and three years ago and four years ago. This is a really good Alabama, but it’s not the dynasty that we were talking about three or four years ago. They’ve slipped a notch – or maybe two – and currently they’re really struggling in the quarterback part, which is a huge deal. And meanwhile the rest of the league, at least on the West, has kind of risen up around them.”
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HOWARD CROSS – 9/25/15
Giants radio host

“Once (Rueben) Randle, Cruz and ODB are in the game at the same time, I don’t know if you can target him more. But there’s going to be a lot of balls in the air.”
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