CHRIS WESSELING – 10/5/15 analyst

“When I watch him, he’s played three or four of the best games games of his career when you consider the guys he’s got surrounding him. Today their leading receiver was Brenton Bersin, who, if you recall back from the playoff game last year, couldn’t field a punt. Shaky hands. They don’t have a physical receiver, and (Newton is) carrying that team. I think you have to give Cam Newton a lot of credit. And we’ll see because they really haven’t played anyone tough. It seems like they play the Buccaneers every week.”
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MATT SNYDER – 10/6/15
CBS Sports MLB writer

“You have the reports from the Washington Post, I believe, that said at one point Jayson Werth ripped the lineup card off the wall and there was a respected veteran screaming at Matt Williams in the locker room saying, ‘At what point did you lose this team?’ So it just got to the point where he had to go even though it wasn’t 100 percent his fault.”
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Houston Chronicle Astros writer

“You’re playing a team that’s been through it. If the Royals were Cinderella last year, I guess the Astros are Cinderella this year, but we’ll see, right?”
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PAUL ZEISE – 10/8/15
93.7 The Fan host

“Basically Gerrit Cole threw up a couple of meatballs. He admitted after the game he was just too amped up and too hyped for the game and he just really couldn’t settle into a groove. I really believe if he settles in after the first inning when he gives up one run and it’s 1-0 going through the rest of the game, it’s a completely different game altogether – as opposed to he could never get settled into that groove and he ends up giving up a home run to make it 3-0. But the bottom line is, I think if it’s a 1-0 game, I think you can manage it differently, and then some of those situations with guys being on base are different. It’s just not the way it was. It wasn’t in the cards tonight. If you have to make a villain – because we always have to have a villain – it’d be Gerrit Cole. And he’d be the first one to tell you he just didn’t get it done.”
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COREY NELSON – 10/9/15
Broncos linebacker

“It’s an amazing feeling. You never now what can happen. I can honestly say I’m humbled and honored to be a part of his team.”
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MIKE FREEMAN – 10/9/15
Bleacher Report NFL insider

“Maybe this coaching change will help, but that also rarely helps. I saw (Dan Campbell has his players) running Oklahoma drills yesterday, which just drove me crazy. It’s the pros. Oklahoma drills in the pros? We’re going to see how this goes, but I think really everything kind of starts with the quarterback – like almost anything in the NFL.”
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