JOHN BREECH – 10/12/15 NFL writer

“Thomas Rawls had a huge game today, and that helped that they got the running game going, but it just seems like they’re not sure what they want to do. Are they forcing themselves to get Jimmy Graham involved? Maybe they’re not comfortable. I think the defense will get better as the season wears on. Kam Chancellor is basically the captain and leader of that defense. Obviously he’s only been there for a couple weeks. So I think the defense will get better as the season wears on, and if I’m the Seahawks or a Seahawks fan, I’m not too worried about that 2-3 record just yet.”
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RYAN FAGAN – 10/13/15
Sporting News MLB reporter

“They see Kris Bryant hitting the ball off the scoreboard. They see Anthony Rizzo putting together a season that’s going to get him in the top 10, maybe top 5, in the National League MVP voting. They have Jake Arrieta. They watched Jake Arrieta be amazing down the stretch. They just believe this team has it. They kind of identify with them. This is a Cubs team that wasn’t supposed to be this good this quickly. I think everyone kind of followed along and said, ‘Okay, at some point these guys are going to be a team that can be really good.’”
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JEFF SAMMUT – 10/15/15
590 The Fan radio host

“This is a tremendous Blue Jays fan base that’s been extremely supportive. And unfortunately, when we talk about them tonight, we talk about the select few that were at the ball game that were doing that. It was embarrassing and I hope a lot of them paid a price. If any good comes out of that tonight, it’s really making them stand out in a bad way and shaming people into not ever doing that again – not only in Toronto, but across Major League Baseball.”
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NFL on CBS analyst

“He stepped up big. I felt great for him because of all that he’s been through the last few years and all the negative attention that he’s been getting because of his inability to find a way to lead a team. And here he is in crunch time in a big game, national TV, and he steps up and does it. So you could see the relief on his face when it happened. I was happy for him.”
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