Clippers guard

“Fans across the country are excited about our team. They’re excited about our culture that we’re building here. They’re excited about our future, especially the present. For us, we just have to bottle everything up, use that energy in a positive direction and continue to move forward. We know it won’t be easy, but we’re excited about our journey.”
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SEAN GRANDE – 10/27/15
Celtics radio voice

“But when he got (to the NBA, he) proved that maybe we should be looking at it a different way for guys who can coach,” Grande continued, “and obviously he had so much success. And you know this very well: We live in cynical times. Even here in sports – where most of us come to escape how cynical the real world is – this has become a harsher, meaner place. And Flip, he never succumbed to that. And being an NBA head coach is pretty difficult and he somehow survived a lot of cynicism and always had that curious smile on his face.”
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JESSE SPECTOR – 10/28/15
Sporting News national MLB writer

“It’s obviously not on Colon that that game ended the way it did. He’s the losing pitcher, but (there was) the David Wright error. Yeah, he gave up he single to (Ben) Zobrist, but that’s the only hit that Colon allowed – a ground ball that got by – and that was enough to make the difference in a game that both teams could have won about 100 different ways. And finally the Royals did.”
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CHRIS SIMMS – 10/29/15
CBS Sports and Bleacher Report NFL analyst

“I don’t think Blaine Gabbert is going to go there and jumpstart that offense. I think you’re stuck with Colin Kaepernick for now. You ride it out, you try to grow the offense and try to help him out a little bit. He gets nothing easy. If you watch the film, most times guys aren’t open and every throw is 15, 20 yards down the field. I know Kaepernick is an issue, but the whole offense is an issue out there in San Francisco.”
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Palm Beach Post Dolphins writer

“If they go .500 the rest of the time, I think it’ll maybe depend on how they do in those games. Are they getting blown out? Is it close? What’s happening the rest of the season? I know the players really love Dan Campbell. They want to play for him, but there’s big names out there. (Mike) Tannenbaum is going to want to put his fingerprint on there and hire someone . . . so it’s going to be interesting. I do think if it’s up to the players, they would bring Dan Campbell back. But let’s see how they finish and how much they’re still buying into him at the end of the season.”
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