SAM MONSON – 11/2/15
Pro Football Focus analyst

“At every single level, you’ve got high quality. They can bring a pass rush from everywhere upfront, they can lock you down in the secondary all across the field and the linebackers are pretty good. This is genuinely one of the best defenses for years. It’s right up there with that Seahawks defense from a couple years ago.”
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Fox Sports Royals writer

“They have the experience. I think Dayton Moore, their GM, has talked for years about needing to change the culture of the team, of the organization, of the town. These players now understand what it’s like to win. Most of them have won together in the minor leagues. They haven’t won in the big leagues, and I think they took the field all yearlong believing – not just believing, but knowing – they were better than anyone they went up against. There’s a swagger to that.”
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JERRY PALM – 11/4/15 college football insider

“They’re not really being judged on expectations, but they just haven’t always been sharp. And then Alabama, I guess, is the strongest of the one-loss teams. I think you can make a case for that. I probably would have them behind both Florida and Notre Dame. Four seems a little bit high for Alabama, but again, it’s November. It’s not too much to get excited about.”
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NFL Network and NFL on FOX analyst

“When guys try and get better at those things they’re not so great at, it’s a good idea, but don’t do it to the detriment of the thing that got you there, and sometimes that happens as well. I think right now he does need that breather. I don’t think Blaine Gabbert is your answer. But at the same time, I think Colin Kaepernick could use some time out of the lineup and the team needs to take a collective deep breath and kind of start over again. You see Vernon Davis got traded, so maybe there was something to him and Joe Staley squaring off and it was time for him to start over as well.”
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DAN HOARD – 11/6/15
Bengals play-by-play voice

“The notion with him is, ‘Well, let’s blitz him. He doesn’t have a lot of experience and we’ll really confuse him and we’ll force him to make bad throws.’ But that’s kind of playing into his hands. When you let him get outside the pocket, and you don’t have a bunch of guys back there in coverage, that’s when he drives. I thought they kept him bottled up a little bit more (in the second half). They didn’t necessarily sack him until the end of the game, but at least they kind of forced him to get away with what was so effective in the first half where he was extending plays, especially rolling out to his left and making a lot of big connections downfield that way.”
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