Cowboys radio analyst

“When Roger Goodell took over, he said the shield means something. The original thing was a two-game suspension if you were convicted of domestic violence, and there was an outcry about that with Ray Rice. It looked a little light. But in fairness, Goodell, who had seen the photos, put a 10-game suspension on Hardy. It went to arbitration and the arbitrator said, ‘No, too stiff,’ and they cut it back to four. So I don’t know where the answer is in terms of suspensions, fines and just simply not having the guy in the league. Obviously if an owner doesn’t give him a job, he’s not going to have a job in the NFL, and Jerry Jones was willing to give him one. I don’t know how many other owners were willing to do that.”
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ROBBY KALLAND – 11/11/15 college football writer

“And with that in mind, I think the most surprising thing is that Oklahoma State – after beating TCU and dropping TCU to 15th – (only improved) to 8 and they’re still behind Baylor despite having a better resume than Baylor in the Big 12.”
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Former NFL punter

“It’s interesting because in your position, you see it as trolling, but I think what Rex does really well is (he) takes a lot of the attention – good, and more importantly, bad – away from his team.”
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