Another week, another frustrating performance from the Seattle offense.

The Seahawks lost, 39-32, to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football to fall to 4-5 on the season. Based on the final score, you would think the Seattle defense was the problem; it wasn’t. That unit scored a touchdown – a 22-yard fumble return by Bobby Wagner late in the third quarter – and forced three turnovers overall to set the offense up in great field position.

Only that didn’t matter. Russell Wilson had another ho-hum game – 14-of-32 for 240 yards, one touchdown and one interception – and Jimmy Graham was a non-factor yet again, finishing with three catches for 41 yards and even dropping what would have been a touchdown catch.

Graham has just two scores on the season, had just one 100-yard game on the season and has been held to 51 yards or fewer in six of nine games.

“I don’t understand what takes these guys so long to get used to each other,” KOMO-TV sports director Mike Ferreri said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence, referring to Wilson and Graham. “The amount of time that they’re able to spend (together), how much do you have to just practice throwing it up to a spot and letting the big guy go get  it? I mean, he played basketball at the University of Miami for pete’s sake. It could be a great trade if you would just get him the ball the right way. But in the meantime, I thought some of the Seattle receivers – you can find them on a side of a milk carton before you can see them on the field. Nobody seems to get them the ball.”

Some analysts believe Graham is struggling due to Wilson’s propensity to scramble when plays break down – and even when they don’t. Drew Brees didn’t do that in New Orleans; Wilson does that a lot in Seattle.

Ferreri, however, isn’t buying it.

“I would think by the midpoint of this season, the professionals would have that figured out,” he said. “I would think that you would go back to the ball. I would think that you need to realize that your offensive line is porous. You can drain vegetables with your offensive line. You need to know what’s going to happen and you need to come back to the ball. Doug Baldwin, that’s why he has so many catches. He’s very good at that. He’ll cut off his route because he’ll see it fall apart and then almost run a route backwards to the quarterback just to get away form the defensive back and find himself open. So I think they need to figure that part out. . . . And the quick release has to work. They did that well against Dallas. He just doesn’t have a lot of time, and when that play breaks down, it’s audibles for everybody – not just one guy.”

The Seahawks now trail the Cardinals (7-2) by three games in the NFC West and are 0-10 in the Wilson era in games in which the opponent scores more than 24 points.

“They just don’t get a lot of points,” Ferreri said. “He doesn’t have the offensive line. There’s something real frustrating (that they do). They do that silly fade route, which they tried on the two-point conversion. Just toss it up in the air, Russell. Let (Graham) go grab it. Let him get the two-point conversion. It’s things like that I just don’t understand about the offense. I don’t know if it’s the quarterback or of it’s the offensive coordinator. There’s so many questions that make this team hard to watch sometimes.”


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