MIKE FERRERI – 11/16/15
KOMO-TV sports director

“He doesn’t have the offensive line. There’s something real frustrating (that they do). They do that silly fade route, which they tried on the two-point conversion. Just toss it up in the air, Russell. Let (Graham) go grab it. Let him get the two-point conversion. It’s things like that I just don’t understand about the offense. I don’t know if it’s the quarterback or of it’s the offensive coordinator. There’s so many questions that make this team hard to watch sometimes.”
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SHAWN DROTAR – 11/17/15
104.3 The Fan host

“You’ll see a slightly different offense, and I do suspect you’ll see Osweiler under center quite a bit given the fact that he can run all of the plays Kubiak wants to run.”
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BEN LEBER – 11/18/15
Fox Sports college football analyst

“I think he has a ton of talent, a lot of skill, he can do a lot of good things. But it’s just going to take a little more time.”
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JORDAN GROSS – 11/19/15
Former Panthers offensive lineman

“I think that everybody that is in the organization knows who Cam Newton is and he’s a quarterback that is pretty darn dangerous throwing the ball but also running the ball. If you try to take that element away from him, I think it really handicaps the offense in general. I know that some people do cringe when he lowers his shoulder instead of slides and hopefully he can learn to do more of that. But the maturity I’ve seen in him, what he can do with the ball now – he’s not afraid to just throw a check-down. He’s maybe not afraid to throw the ball away or scramble for a few yards and get out of bounds. Earlier in his career, he was always trying to make that highlight tape. He wasn’t satisfied with (moving) on to the next play. That’s what got him in trouble a little bit more early on, and that’s what’s helped this team win now. He’s a lot more clean with the ball and he’s minimizing his turnovers.”
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