ANDY LINDAHL – 11/30/15
Broncos sideline reporter

“He showed fearlessness and he show incredible toughness tonight. I don’t know if you could really feel it on TV, (but) that kid took a lot of shots. When the punt return was fumbled, he was actually on the bench getting tended to by the training staff after taking a big hit on third down the previous series. I was watching them try to work on something on his right leg, I believe, and he had to get up and go back in the game – and I didn’t think he was healthy enough to do it. Their third-sting quarterback who’s been elevated to second team, Trevor Siemian, actually started warming up. So for Brock to get whatever was injured out of there – he threw a horrible first-down pass to Owen Daniels. It was behind him and almost was real trouble. Whatever the did to tough it out, he took a lot of shots tonight and I think it’s going to go a long, long way with his team as far as respect and the admiration they have for him. He was really the key tonight, and that’s going to be talked a lot about over the next couple weeks.”
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MARC SPEARS – 12/1/15
Yahoo! Sports NBA columnist

“It allows them to take a guy like Harrison Barnes and not rush him back (from an ankle injury). I wouldn’t be surprised if Harrison stays out longer than he even needs to because he can. For Brandon Rush, it’s much-needed confidence and minutes. Brandon Rush used to be starter in the NBA. If he can play well here, it makes a great team even better. This team is so deep you got a guy like Jason Thompson, who was a starter for the Kings last season, and now he can’t even get on the court.”
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JON SOLOMON – 12/2/15
CBS Sports college football insider

“They would be a conference champion, they would have probably some stronger wins or at least more of those quality wins than Ohio State. Ohio State is really just banking on the one win over Michigan last week. An impressive win, but it’s just one win and they didn’t even win their division. I think it’s going to be tough for Ohio State to get in.”
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Fox Sports West columnist

“It was going to be all about Kobe the rest of the year anyway. Literally story after story after story on Kobe Bryant and how may minutes he’s playing every game – whether it’s up, whether it’s down – so he’s the story. Now it’s somewhat interesting to see what kind of farewell gifts he gets and the attention he receives from opposing fans and even the ones here in L.A.”
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ED MCCAFFREY – 12/4/15
Three-time Super Bowl champion

“It’s like, wow, he’s living his dream. I’m extremely excited about it. Whether he gets any of the postseason awards is beside the point. He’s in a good place, he loves the people that he’s working with, he love his school and he’s having a lot of fun. As a parent, that’s all you wish for for your kids.”
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