Fox Sports South college football analyst

“If you look back since that loss to Texas, they scored no fewer than 30 points the rest of the season. That defining stretch against Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State – they averaged 44 points during that stretch. We’ve seen how great Baker Mayfield can be, how dominant that running game can be. They got through that part of the season that we were so focused on in dominant fashion. I think Michigan State’s wins, while impressive, they just didn’t come in that same fashion. So to me, I’m putting Oklahoma just above Michigan State.”
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Football Today podcast host 

“Somebody has to win the division. I’m done with the Eagles. I keep going back to them, saying, ‘Boy they look good this week, I’m on board, they’re the most talented team, they have a good defense, the offense is going to come around, they’ll run way with the division.’ And I’m not going to do that again this week. They just beat the Patriots in a somewhat flukey fashion.”
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PEDRO MOURA – 12/9/15
Orange County Register writer

“You hear people thinking that it’s just Dusty being Dusty. In his time in the ’90s, he said stuff that was more offensive to more people than what he said (Tuesday). And then you hear people thinking there’s no place in this sport for that kind of thing in 2015. It ranges the spectrum.”
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MATT MOORE – 12/10/15 NBA writer

“Usually there’s a sense of self-satisfaction and kind of boredom with the regular season. Instead, they’ve internalized all of the motivations they took from the summer from the lucky talk to the idea that they were fortunate to play against teams that were injured, they didn’t have to play the Clippers or that they couldn’t repeat what they did. That’s motivated them even further.”
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PETE BERCICH – 12/11/15
Vikings radio analyst

“But if we get healthy and get those guys back on defense, (we’ll be fine). We just got to take care of Chicago and New York (at home) and then (we head) to Lambeau for a big game at the end of the season. But I do think that this team is better than people think. It may take some people by surprise. I’m faithful. Haven’t always been. I’ve been around this team for 20 years, but this is a good squad.”
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