Sunday night went about as poorly as possible for the Houston Texans, who were limited to just two field goals in the first half and held scoreless in the second in a 27-6 loss to the New England Patriots.

The only good news for Houston is that Jacksonville beat Indianapolis, so the Texans (6-7) are still tied with the Colts for first place in the AFC South.

So, how plausible is it that the Texans will make the playoffs?

“Well, it’s plausible in that they’ve got to win three in a row,” Houston’s SportsRadio 610 host Mike Meltser said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “They have to win in Indianapolis, which the Texans, as a franchise, have never done. And we, at this moment, have no idea who is going to play quarterback for either team in this game. Brian Hoyer left this game and he is in concussion protocol for the second time in like a month, so that’s a concern. And the Colts lost Matt Hasselbeck today, and who knows what Andrew Luck’s status is as well. The Texans would have to beat Indianapolis, and then they play Tennessee and Jacksonville. So they need to win all three games. If I put my life on it, don’t think they will. But I do think it’s a possibility. That’s kind of the silver lining of today overall. The season comes down to next Sunday. If they don’t win in Indianapolis, they are dead.”

If the Texans don’t win in Indy, might Bill O’Brien’s gig in Houston be dead, too? Will he survive if the Texans don’t make the playoffs?

“Listen, he’s a second-year head coach, and when Bob McNair, the owner, spoke a few weeks ago when they beat the Saints (for a) four-game winning streak, he was happy with the overall progress,” Meltser said. “Bill, when you look at it, they went 9-7 last season off a 2-14 season that got Gary Kubiak fired. They started off 2-5, then they got to 6-5, now they’re 6-7. McNair is a pretty patient owner, as NFL owners go, so I don’t think anyone’s job is on the line. To me, the Texans are in the general category of a number of NFL teams that might include the Jets (or) the Rams where it seems like the team is built to win except they just don’t have a franchise quarterback. That’s what we’re going to talk about all offseason, no matter what happens in the last three games: this team needs to at some point invest in a franchise quarterback.”

All in all, Amy Lawrence does not think Meltser should bet his life on the Texans winning three straight to end the season.

“I would not put my life on this football team,” Meltser agreed. “That would be a bad idea.”


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