From the air waves to the silver screen, the After Hours Behind-the-Scenes movie combines personality, sharp film making and a star in the making.


After hitting 10,000 likes on the ‘After Hours with Amy Lawrence’ Facebook page, this movie project was developed by Malacom Productions after the company enthusiastically volunteered to lead the way. The final result is a film that gives fans a comprehensive look at the national radio show from the inside out. Host/Actress Amy Lawrence took a risky leap from radio to box office, but the end results are fantastic!!


Amy Lawrence: A long time national sports radio host that has made several appearances on TV, and is no slouch on the big screen. In her debut film, Amy had very strong concisely delivered dialogue. It’s rumored that most of her lines during shooting were improvised, which is quite impressive. Another tidbit that fell through the Hollywood grapevine is that due to Amy’s intense preparation for her lead role, she would pull “all-nighters” getting deeper and more in touch with her character’s routine. It shouldn’t be a surprise if Amy takes home the gold for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role!! After seeing an advanced copy of the movie, radio veteran Scott Ferrall said, “I am nominating the After Hours movie for an academy award!”

Tom Di Benedetto: The producer of “After Hours” delivers another strong performance on the big screen. Many critics are starting to label Tom a “type casted” actor though, taking back to back media member movie roles. Tom previously played a broadcast student turned frat boy in “Columbia’s Finest.” What Tom does exceptionally well is take us through the process that goes into each show with a stern, focused delivery. On a side note, many of Tom’s scenes were single takes…mostly because of budget concerns. Many of his deleted scenes will be available with the Blu Ray release…

Peter Schwartz: Some would argue Pete is past his prime on the big screen, but hands down Mr. Schwartz is the most polished actor of the group, being involved with so many TV projects. In this movie we get the classic dreadful bathroom humor that we want out of Schwartz-O. It goes hand and hand by his consistent lack of show awareness, including not knowing the location of the “Morning Afterthoughts” blog, which is pure Pete (He probably won’t read this either).

Isaac Feldman: One of my biggest criticisms of “After Hours” is the lack of screen time for Isaac. That’s it. The few seconds we see Ike is pure movie magic. He should be an early contender for best supporting actor come Oscar season.


Malacom Productions did a superb job shooting the entire film in one night. The crisply cut finished product has a great pace moving in and out of scenes while dropping in pictures to fit everything being described. The angles are nicely shot and really maximize the limited space in a radio studio. Editing is also very tight; the transitions from scene to scene are seamless, keeping the viewers’ attention.


The hype is met! On paper it seemed almost impossible for this cast to mesh. But what ends up happening is cinematic gold. The entire crew’s energy feeds off one another, making the movie 100% believable. Also stay tuned til the very end…

Side Note: Not only will fans get to see what they’ve been waiting for, there are a few fan Easter eggs to keep an eye out for throughout the movie.


If you haven’t seen the movie yet, follow this link to watch it right now!!


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