MIKE MELTSER  – 12/14/15
Houston’s SportsRadio 610 host

“They have to win in Indianapolis, which the Texans, as a franchise, have never done. And we, at this moment, have no idea who is going to play quarterback for either team in this game. Brian Hoyer left this game and he is in concussion protocol for the second time in like a month, so that’s a concern. And the Colts lost Matt Hasselbeck today, and who knows what Andrew Luck’s status is as well. The Texans would have to beat Indianapolis, and then they play Tennessee and Jacksonville. So they need to win all three games. If I put my life on it, don’t think they will. But I do think it’s a possibility. That’s kind of the silver lining of today overall. The season comes down to next Sunday. If they don’t win in Indianapolis, they are dead.”
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New York Daily News Giants columnist

“I think it probably comes down to whether they make the playoffs and how the season finishes. If they don’t make the playoffs, it’ll be four straight years and it’ll be very difficult for ownership to keep him. It’ll be a situation sort of crying out for change. I don’t think it’s a lock that they’re going to fire him in that situation. But I think it’s in his best interest to find a way to get into the playoffs. Otherwise, all bets are off.”
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KURT HELIN – 12/17/15
ProBasketballTalk writer

“He’s got the work ethic. He’s the guy who puts in the time and is just dedicated to the game. Gregg Popovich couldn’t have found a better clone, of who he was as a player. “I don’t like the trappings, I want to be about the game and about the purity of it.” He’s perfect for them but he’s also developed into legitimately a top 10 NBA player right now easily. They’ve got a few of those and they all fit together beautifully in that system.”
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