JIM COLONY – 1/4/16
93.7 The Fan Pittsburgh host

“Talking to (Steelers offensive lineman) David DeCastro after the game, he said it was just like deja vu. It’s like the end of last season when Le’Veon Bell was hurt in the last game of the year and the Steelers didn’t have him for the playoffs. They had 5-foot-2 Dri Archer out there at running back because he was the only guy they had who knew the plays.”
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Chiefs sideline reporter

“In the NFL, confidence and momentum are so fleeting. They can come quickly and they can leave just as quickly. So for the Chiefs to go in with the 10 games that they’ve got right now – the most ever in the history of the franchise, the most wins ever by a team that started 1-5 – you can go on and on with the superlatives. This team is playing with a lot of confidence – and they should. There’s a lot of swagger there. That counts in the NFL, there’s no doubt about it.”
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KOMO-TV Seattle sports director

“You’re not going to get that weekend off at home that they’re becoming accustomed to and just playing at home, where they have such an advantage. But this is a unique group. Even Earl Thomas said, ‘I’d rather go on the road. There’s less distractions. We come together a little better.’ Pete (Carroll) has these guys thinking in such a way that it’s them against the world. ‘Okay, give us the 6-seed. Give us anything you want to give us, and we’re going to deal with it, we’re going to go play our football and we’re going to get to ultimately where we want to be, and that’s back in the Super Bowl.’”
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TRESS WAY – 1/7/16
Redskins punter

“That momentum, this is a real thing. The team is clicking. We feel like we can’t miss. Everybody’s having fun, guys are hitting people in the mouth, guys are making unbelievable plays, Kirk is throwing the ball anywhere he wants, our defense is shutting everybody down – it’s a fun part of football. Obviously this is my second year. Last year we were 4-12. This year, going to the playoffs, four-game win streak, winning five of the last six – man, this is some fun football to be a part of right here.”
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JERRY PALM – 1/8/16
CBSSports.com bracketologist

“It’s hard to really say because some of the data that was used in the BCS no longer exists. But, I think it’s pretty likely that the BCS would have gotten this one right.”
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TED JOHNSON – 1/8/16
Houston’s SportsRadio 610 radio host

“I think people in Houston feel there’s limitations with this team. With Arian Foster going out early in the season, we have good running backs –  they’re serviceable running backs – but they’re not Arian Foster. And there’s obviously limitations at the quarterback position with Brian Hoyer.”
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