How you feel about the Rams’ relocation is a matter of perspective. If you’re from St. Louis, you’re probably not too happy about it. If you’re from Los Angeles, you’re probably elated.

Then there are people like Warren Moon, who are able to see – and feel – both sides.

“Well, the Rams were a team I rooted for all my life as a young kid,” the Los Angeles native and Hall of Fame quarterback said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “My idols were Roman Gabriel and James Harris, their quarterbacks during those days when I was younger. I hated to see them leave. But it’s great to have them back in that area because they’ve been without football in Los Angeles for (over) 20 years now.”

Moon, however, also empathizes with St. Louis.

“I feel bad for the city of St. Louis because they’ve lost two teams over the last, what, 30 years or something like that,” he said. “It’s a good fan base back there. So many people rely on professional football – especially economically in cities with all the different jobs that are surrounded around a football team – and the identity of a city when you have an NFL football team. So that’s stripped away from St. Louis now. I feel bad for the people there. But for Los Angeles, hopefully it works out, this move back – because you know L.A. If you’re not winning there, they’re not going to support you. So I hope they put together a winning football team because that’s what L.A. is all about. It’s about winning.”

It’s also about entertainment. Yes, Stan Kroenke’s Inglewood vision isn’t just a team or a stadium; it’s a way of life.

“I think that’s what really turned all the minds of the owners in that meeting,” Moon said. “A lot of the talk was the new stadium was going to go in Carson and the Chargers and the Raiders were going to be the two teams going there. Then all of a sudden Kroenke presents what he has to present as far as his plans for the Inglewood site, and all of a sudden everybody voted differently. So the owners definitely went with the money. They went with the economics of it all. That doesn’t surprise me at all because those guys are all about making money.”


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