CBS Sports NFL analyst

“I know that Adam Jones doesn’t want to be known as the Pacman anymore. He’s done a great job the last few years of kind of reestablishing himself as a top-notch player, not a guy who’s getting more attention for his off-the-field indiscretions and bad decisions. I know that was important to him to try and resurrect his career and he’s done a pretty good job of it. but he lost his composure there at the end of the game and doubled up that penalty with Burfict. And (Burfict) is a guy that is a tremendous talent, but he’s always been very volatile and hard to predict. That hit (on Antonio Brown) was definitely by the rules. It was a hit that needed to be penalized. Do you release him and cut him from the team because of that? I don’t know. That’s a very, very difficult situation to be in. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision.”
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DENNIS DODD – 1/12/16
CBS Sports college football columnist

“I thought a lot of those sacks were his fault. He was holding the ball too long, he wouldn’t come off this initial read – it’s okay to throw the ball away and live another day. Instead, he was taking sacks. I thought that was going to kill them. Deshaun Watson was ready to be the MVP. He was going to save Clemson. I thought Deshaun Watson was fantastic. I don’t want to say Jake Coker was better, but Jake Coker got better as the game went on.”
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Former NFL linebacker

“The headquarters of the office of the St. Louis Rams: guess where they’re at? Anaheim, California. We’re calling back to Anaheim to talk to the accountant and the pay lady. It’s like, ‘No this isn’t meant to be here. It’s a fish out of water.’ It’s a fan base that’s fantastic and (they’re) great people, but they just weren’t football fans. So I do believe the NFL made the right decision and Los Angels is going to embrace this team. This team is going to be team that has a totally different brand recognition to it now. The stadium is going to be phenomenal, and the team is going to have a standard that’s going to create a higher following for it across the NFL. It’s a move that enhances the NFL even from its current very enhanced state.”
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WARREN MOON – 1/14/16

“A lot of the talk was the new stadium was going to go in Carson and the Chargers and the Raiders were going to be the two teams going there. Then all of a sudden Kroenke presents what he has to present as far as his plans for the Inglewood site, and all of a sudden everybody voted differently. So the owners definitely went with the money. They went with the economics of it all. That doesn’t surprise me at all because those guys are all about making money.”
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TRENT GREEN – 1/15/16
Former NFL Pro Bowl QB

“You look at Osweiler, and he is the heir apparent. I believe he’s shown enough in his time there that he is the quarterback of the future for the Broncos. I think that they can develop him and utilize him. Even though he’s been there awhile, he really fits into what (Gary) Kubiak and (Rick) Dennison like to do. If you go back and you look at what Matt Schaub did in Houston, it’s very similar to what they ask Osweiler to do during his time: under center, play-action pass rolls, you’ve moving around in the pocket a little bit, he has a big enough arm to make the play-action pass and throw it down the field, but he also can do the short throws. So I think for the future, he definitely fits in.”
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