CHAD BROWN – 1/19/16
Former NFL LB

“Wade Philips loves to go man-to-man, but with Chris Harris (shoulder) not being 100 percent, he went to more zone this week, and it was clear against the Steelers that is not what the Denver Broncos excel at. They excel at man coverage. So having to go to zone, which he’s going to be forced to do with Chris Harris not being 100 percent, I think Tom Brady is going to find windows and ways to exploit that.”
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ADAM KAUFMAN – 1/20/16
Boston radio host

“That’s not me proclaiming an effortless victory for New England or anything like that, but in that game, the Patriots didn’t have Julian Edelman, they didn’t have Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski carted off the field with a scary knee injury. People feared his season was over (with another) torn ACL. He didn’t make it through that one. Dont’a Hightower didn’t make it through that one. Brock Osweiler was starting, not Peyton Manning. So this is going to be a very different-looking matchup than I think what we saw going back to Week 12. That’s really the biggest thing for me. You can look at certain tendencies, but generally, it’s hard to take a lot from that game going into this one.”
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JORDAN GROSS – 1/21/16
Panthers sideline reporter

“You don’t want to lose to anybody, but you sure don’t want to lose to somebody that’s obviously enjoying beating you so much, and you see it by the people on the other side. You watch: When somebody sacks Cam, there’s at least a 75 percent chance that they’re going to dance, they’re going to do the first down, they’re going to rip their shirt off Superman style. Everybody hates it. But I’ll tell you this much: Everybody loves having him on their team. There’s guys on other teams in the NFL that would just kill to have Cam be their quarterback.”
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ROMAN HARPER – 1/22/16
Panthers safety

“You can’t just (put) all eyes on one guy because they’re definitely all talented and they all can beat you in different ways. But Larry has definitely willed them last week to victory, and leading the effort and the way he manages things and his body over these past ew years, he’s really done well. He’s stepping his game up to another level, not just physically, but emotionally with all the effort that he plays with. You really got to tip your hat off to him. He’s a special player and he’ll be in the Hall of Fame one day because of it.”
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ADAM GREEN – 1/22/16
KTAR Cardinals insider

“In the second half they started playing a little more loose, a little more like themselves. This week, a lot of talk has been about how they learned their lesson, they’re not going to play conservative, and they’re going to be the team that got them this far. I guess we’ll have to see if it comes to fruition this Sunday in Carolina, but that seems to be the message they’re giving out right now.”
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