JAY FEELY – 1/25/16
Former NFL kicker

“To be as great as he is, to have the legacy he has, to have a losing record in the playoffs, that’s something that hangs around your head and the fact that he’s able to get to .500, has the opportunity to win a second Super Bowl and to get above .500 in his playoff career is a testament to him.”
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MARC SPEARS – 1/26/16
Yahoo! Sports NBA insider

“It was just a bad fit and unfortunate for him that he never even got the respect enough to get a chance. They never gave him a chance. I think he’ll get another chance somewhere else, but ultimately, I think LeBron James is going to have to be a better leader. It’s kind of sad that somebody could have a record that great and get fired. So I’m still kind of confused by it, but he never got a chance.”
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JEN WELTER – 1/27/16
1st female coach in NFL history

“But do I think it’s unique in that it can’t happen again? No, I don’t. I think it can happen again, but it’ll happen in its own unique way. No one will recreate what we did in that desert, but that’s okay. It’s not about recreating; it’s about creating your own destiny – and Kathryn Smith has her own. And guess what? I wasn’t the first and the only. She’s not the next and the only. There will be other fantastic female coaches in the NFL, and it’ll happen very soon. I’m excited to see how that destiny progresses.”
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Former NFL offensive lineman

“For a guy to test positive for smoking weed, that’s hard. You quit two or three weeks before the testing window and you wait until you’re tested. What’s really funny is when a guy gets his test done, you’ll see him sprint back into the locker room, cheering and smiling – just because he knows that night he gets to go home and smoke it up. Guys use it as a stress reliever. It’s everywhere. I truly believe that if they tested us more often and randomly for street drugs, there’d be so many positives (that) it’d be hard to play games.”
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