The NFL recently conquered its goal of putting a team back in Los Angeles, which previously was the largest US market without a franchise. Now, the next question is, will the league expand overseas?

For the past several years we’ve seen multiple games staged in London and there have been many people to suggest that

“It’s the greatest team sport there is in the world,” said Weatherford. “People will argue that it’s the European football, but it’s global. That’s why we’re starting to play games in Europe, and I think eventually the natural evolution of this game we’re going to have an NFL franchise in Europe. From there I think it’s just going to continue to branch out. You have the AFC and the NFC, well I think it’s going to turn into the EFC. I think you’re going to have franchise conferences that are in Europe.”

A full conference in Europe? That seems a little far-fetched even for a league that is as popular as the NFL is. But, Weatherford thinks that’s just the natural progression¬†of where the league is headed.

“That’s the evolution of the game,” said Weatherford. “I know I’m not the first person to bring this up, but I do believe that in 20-30 years as long as we can maintain the integrity of the game, as long as we can grow the popularity it’s possible. But, I think the one thing that is holding the NFL back now from massive growth and stealing athletes away from other sports is the safety of the game. If we can find a way to continue to make it safer, and try and pull out brain trauma as much as we can, I don’t see in 25 years why we won’t have an EFC as well.”


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