49ers TE

“You just kind of brush it off, it’s just a hard hit in football. It’s a thing that I give up for the game that I love and I just want to be competitive so I kind of move past it. But, there’s definitely a serious one like this past season where I definitely didn’t feel right. I just hope that every player in every position that they’re in that they would be able to step forward and say ‘you know what, I need to stop’ because it is very serious.”
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MARY KAY CABOT – 2/4/16 Browns insider

“I think he really liked being in Cleveland. I think he liked the city, I think he liked the team, I really don’t think that was it. I think that Johnny’s just kind of off-track right now and that he needs to get himself together if he wants to play this game anymore.”
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Former NFL punter

“People will argue that it’s the European football, but it’s global. That’s why we’re starting to play games in Europe, and I think eventually the natural evolution of this game we’re going to have an NFL franchise in Europe. From there I think it’s just going to continue to branch out. You have the AFC and the NFC, well I think it’s going to turn into the EFC. I think you’re going to have franchise conferences that are in Europe.”
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“I thought it was a lost art. But two games playing on championship weekend made me proud. That’s what Denver’s been able to do, stay optimistic. Keep the noise out. No matter what our offense is doing, we’re going to do our job and we’re going to find a way to win. That’s what they’ve done for their team.”
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BOBBY BELL – 2/5/16

“They got to stop him. In order to stop him, they got to put somebody on him. Say, ‘Hey, that’s your man. If he goes to the bench, go there. If he goes to the bathroom, go there. Just make sure you stay on him. Don’t let him trick you. That’s your man. Don’t worry about anyone else.’”
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TROY AIKMAN – 2/5/16

“We talk about what the Super Bowl looks like 20 years ago as compared to today; what is our sport going to look like 20 years from now? I’m as interested in it as anybody. Football’s been a great game to me. Even though people do talk about the head injuries that I suffered, I feel like I was one of the lucky ones who got out healthy. And still to this day, 15 years removed from playing my last game, I’m still as healthy as I can possibly be. So hopefully that will continue for me and for many others that are in the same state.”
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