The Golden State Warriors were challenged, relatively speaking, at home on Tuesday night. They led the Houston Rockets by double digits for most of the first half but led by just three at halftime, and the game was actually tied at 93 entering the fourth quarter.

No matter. The Warriors still won, 123-110, for their 42nd straight home win.

Steph Curry scored a team-high 35 points, as Golden State (47-4) pulled within two home victories of equaling the Chicago Bulls’ NBA-record home winning streak of 44 games, which spanned March 30, 1995, to April 4, 1996.

Seventy-three wins, of course, is still very much on table, as this season – at least for 29 other teams – is becoming an exercise in futility.

“The race for getting to 73 wins or greater will be very compelling from a historical standpoint, but even then after that – with the way they’ve dismantled every good team that they’ve come across – what’s going to really be compelling about the playoffs?” NBA insider Matt Moore said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I’ve been saying this for a while now: The NBA season this year is about how good can your team finish relative to expectations? Other than that, it’s academic – because the Warriors have made it so. They’re simply better than everybody else in almost every category.”

While some fans and analysts figure there will be at least some drama in the postseason – hey, the Spurs are 44-8 and Cleveland (37-14) has LeBron – Moore isn’t counting on it.

“Imagine that Tim Duncan, who has had knee soreness already and is still missing games and is way up there in age – imagine that he is not able to go for a series,” Moore said. “There’s all these scenarios where I could very much see the Warriors actually going 4-4-4-4, going Moses on them. It seems plausible to me. But then you wonder, sure, somebody’s going to be able to challenge them, but I don’t know. It depends on who wins the matchup and how those things play out. They are just so good at finding answers and they’re so tough to beat at ORACLE and they’re going to have home-court advantage. Maybe some team will find a formula to really push them, but right now they’ve been so dominant in every area that it’s hard to see.”

Six Warriors finished in double figures Tuesday, including Harrison Barnes (19), Marreese Speights (15) and Andre Iguodala (12). Kay Thompson finished with 13 points, as did Andrew Bogut, who added 11 rebounds and six blocks.

Indeed, at this rate, it appears the only thing that can stop Golden State is an injury or two – and even then, it would depend on who is injured and what the injury is.

“If it’s not Steph or Draymond, it’s hard to see because they have so many guys that can step up,” Moore said. “You’ve got to bear in mind they’ve invested more than almost any other team in keeping themselves healthy. While they’re at this pace, when Draymond Green was in Denver and they looked at the data that they used with their biometrics and said he needs a rest, they sat him. They’re chasing this historic record, but when the data says this guy needs a break, he gets a break and they can still win these games. So they’re doing a lot to prevent those injuries on top of good fortune.”


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