Quick: Name the three worst quarterback situations in the NFL.

If you named the Rams, the Texans and the Browns, well, congratulations: You just aced the test.

“The Browns’ (situation) is a mess,” former Browns scout Matt Williamson said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Obviously Johnny (Manziel) is going to be gone, but I think (Josh) McCown is not the end of the world. If you draft a guy and you sit him and McCown is your starter on opening day, I think he’s a pretty good player. But I think they have to go quarterback with that early pick.”

Cleveland has the second pick in this year’s draft. Assuming the Tennessee Titans take Joey Bosa first overall, the Browns can choose from any number of quarterbacks, including Carson Went and Jared Goff.

“I don’t know who it’s going to be,” Williamson said. “I’m sure Wentz and Goff are both very exciting from what I’ve seen, but I haven’t done a ton of homework on both. But I think that Cleveland doesn’t have a lot of choice. I guess the other approach is you could take best player available and take a Connor Cook at the beginning of the second round. We’ve seen some good quarterbacks – (Colin) Kaepernick, (Andy) Dalton, (Derek) Carr – recently go in the beginning of the second round that have been hits, although Kaepernick is still up in the air. But I would think Cleveland once again is going to have to bring in another quarterback. I saw it firsthand. It’s brutal. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it anymore because you’ve missed on so many. You still have to find that guy.”

Williamson was asked which quarterback he would most want for his franchise: Manziel, Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III.

“I wouldn’t touch Manziel,” he said. “I don’t trust him off the field at all. I think he’s a troubled young man. I think he needs to go deal with things outside of football. I prefer Griffin to Kaepernick, but if it’s going to be a very run-heavy, Chip-Kelly-at-Oregon-type system, I might prefer Kaepernick. But RG3 is a pretty good passer. In most drafts, he would have been the first pick overall that year if it wasn’t for Luck. He was an exceptional deep passer at Baylor. If you can kind of bring that back, I could see him kind of resurrecting his career somewhere else.”


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